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The 5 Best PUA Schools & Courses Online

If you’re a complete beginner, have no fear. All the guides I’ve written are based on the assumption that the readers have little or no experience with pickup, but that everybody is keen to learn!

To begin with, I teach the early stages of becoming a successful pick up artist. While quite simple, these stages are where most guys currently fail miserably. So as a starting point, I recommend that all newbies check out my guide to opening and approaching and how to stop approach anxiety.

When you’ve covered these two fundamental areas, it’s time to move onto my section on PUA openers where you can learn some openers that can be put to use immediately in the field.

Once you’ve finished with these articles you can browse the rest of the site at your own lesiure, just remember to keep practising the methods I teach in the field.

I’ve covered all the main areas that you will need to learn if you truly want to succeed as a pick up artist. These include PUA basics such as peacocking and false time constraints, as well as more advanced topics such as kino escalation and demonstration of higher value which lead on to the later sections that deal with developing mid game and inner game.

History of Pickup Artist Training

It all began online.

The early days of networked computers, on prodigy and AOL, men started coming together to ask each other questions. They were smart men, usually. Often a little nerdy, but comfortable with computers back when not everybody was comfortable with computers.

Ross Jeffries was one of the first pioneers. He remains a controversial figure in the community, but the role he played is undeniable. He created the first seduction course, “Speed Seduction,” which led to the creation of on the usenet, the first public board for the discussion of pickup.

In the early days, there was a certain seedy quality to pickup. Jeffries taught techniques which emphasized Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and hypnosis, and if you read the archives of those early boards, it’s hard not to notice some latent hostility towards women in some of the posts. Some of these men were angry, feeling that they had done everything that society asked them to do, but were still being rejected by women for reasons they simply couldn’t understand.

Under those circumstances, driven by strong biological urges, in a community that hadn’t yet coalesced enough to define it’s own ethics, it’s not surprising that some early pickup artists gave the craft a bad name – one that today’s pickup artists have worked hard to overcome.

But even then, in the early days, there were men who wanted more. Men who saw the transformative power that learning how to be successful with women could have, and men who saw pickup not as tricking or hypnotizing women, but rather, as adding value to their lives. The most important of these men was a magician from Canada named Eric Von Markovic, also known as Mystery.

Mystery Method

Mystery did what so many of the online cyber-jockeys were unable or unwilling to do: he got into the field and observed. Why were some men successful with women, while others failed? But he didn’t just observe: when he developed a theory, he tested it – using himself as a guinea pig, he’d approach woman after woman and see how his theories worked.

Think of how hard this must have been. Most men struggle with approach anxiety, and Mystery admitted to dealing with it himself. But when he failed, he dusted himself off, refined his theories, and tried again.

Let there be no doubt about it: Mystery is the giant on who’s shoulders all pickup artists stand. Though hardly faultless, through trial and error he developed the first systematic timeline for how a seduction should work, the “Mystery Method.” Although it’s been refined over the years, the fundamentals of this powerful method are the framework on which almost all subsequent pickup has been built.

The Mystery Method is simple enough. Mystery broke down pickup into nine stages, to be approached sequentially. Three deal with the opening phases of a set, three with the middle phases, and three with the closing stages before sex.

The first three stages, known originally as A1, A2, and A3, are commonly called “Opening,” “Attraction,” and “Qualification.” You open a girl – you begin talking to her. You attract her. Then you qualify her – you allow her to demonstrate qualities which you are attracted to. Even this simple realization shows Mystery’s brilliance: rather than open with a compliment, he realized that successful men withhold compliments until the woman is already attracted to them. You don’t praise a woman until she wants your praise. (If you’re new to game, make that one adjustment to your approach – don’t praise her you know she’s attracted to you – and watch how your results skyrocket).

The middle stages, C1, C2, and C3, represent mid-game. Here Mystery identified a timeline, the 7-hour rule, which has helped guide countless pickup artists. And, of course, the third three phases, seduction – the problems of escalation and last-minute resistance.

But Mystery did more than define a timeline. He started “Mystery’s Lounge,” a private online board where the top pickup artists could swap stories and help refine each other’s technique. He developed the idea of peacocking – dressing flamboyantly to attract attention. And he started running bootcamps: classes for “average frustrated chumps,” where, for $500, he would take them to clubs, break down their technique with women, and teach them the fundamentals.

But it was all underground. The internet was still not well known. Nobody knew who most of these guys were. Maybe an average joe might hear a few weird comments about “pickup artists” – a strange, underhanded group of shady characters. But nobody really wanted to be one.

That is, until a writer named Neil Strauss pulled $500 out of his ATM and signed up for Mystery’s bootcamp.

Style, “The Game,” and the PUA Explosion

Style – as Neil Strauss would become known – wasn’t a natural with women, but he was a courageous student. Willing to work outside his comfort zone, willing to listen to Mystery’s advice, and willing to push himself, he quickly became Mystery’s star pupil. Soon he was helping Mystery teach bootcamps all over the country – but that wasn’t his biggest contribution to pickup.

His biggest contribution to pickup was a book he wrote: “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.”

“The Game” doesn’t talk very much about how game is actually played. It is not an instruction manual. It is something much more powerful: a personal memoir of an AFC who became the world’s greatest pickup artist.

Writing candidly about his fears and failures as well as about his successes, Style began to take Pickup out of the shadows and into the mainstream. The book introduced readers to other titans of the pickup community – Hypnotica and David DeAngelo, for instance – but most importantly it humanized pickup. This wasn’t something seedy and immoral, it was adding value to the lives of both men and women.

The effect of this book on the community was humongous, because the moment men learned that there was a a fun, healthy, honest way to become better with women, they wanted to learn it. Bootcamps exploded in popularity.

Several of Mystery’s students – Style, Mehow, Tyler Durden, Savoy – started their own competing companies.

This expansion led to Mystery himself starring in a reality show on VH-1 called “The Pickup Artist.” While many people tuned in initially to see if they could learn any quick tricks (Mystery, smartly, didn’t share too many) what they ended up seeing was something else: they saw men – awkward, socially confused, scared men – confront and overcome some of their deepest fears.
Even the men who were kicked off the show after only a few weeks were clearly transformed by the experience – for the better. It’s hard to watch the show and not think that everybody on it is going to live a happier, fuller life for the experience. The women those men encounter will love them more for what they learned.

Pickup was out of the shadows … and it was nothing to be ashamed of!

The Venusian Arts Today

Since coming out of the shadows, pickup has settled into a mature phase. No longer relying on hypnosis or tricks, pickup provides, for men, what women’s books and magazines have been providing for women for decades: practical advice on how to deliver what the other sex wants.

Some guys are lucky enough to be naturals. But for the rest of us, too often nobody was willing to explain to us how to be successful with women. In fact, quite the opposite – pickup shows us how many of the things our parents taught us about women aren’t only useless, they’re downright counterproductive.

But where early pickup artists focused on negs (calculated half-insults to bring women down) today’s mature pickup artists – led by Style – focus on adding value to the lives of the women they interact with. Pickup has become self-help, a chance for men to improve themselves, and, therefore, their lives and the lives of the women they meet. Pickup has a mature set of ethics based on informed consent and the “campfire rule” – leaving the women you interact with better off than how you found them, by virtue of always acting with integrity.

On bulletin boards today you can find men confessing things they wouldn’t tell their best friends – and getting honest, useful, helpful advice. Excuses for failure are stripped away and men are asked to face uncomfortable truths about themselves so that they can improve, not only with women but in all aspects of their lives.

It was Style who first said, “Be your best self,” and that’s what pickup is today for many men: a chance to discover who their best self is, encouragement to make that best self even better than they thought possible, and practical advice to get the most out of all aspects of life.

And the icing on the cake? It works. For the guys willing to put in the effort to truly improve themselves, willing to confront and break old patterns and step out of their comfort zones, pickup works wonders.

You can go as deep into this rabbit hole as you want. If your life isn’t complete until you sleep with woman who’s gorgeous enough to be a model, pickup can help you with that. If you want a great girlfriend, someone you can be excited about taking the next steps in life with? Pickup can help you with that. If you want to live a swinging lifestyle with casual relationships with consenting, healthy women, pickup can help you with that. It won’t always be easy, but it is within your reach.

And it can do much more, too. Countless men have seen their improved success with women give them the confidence to tackle problems in other areas of their lives – it’s helped them find better jobs, form stronger friendships, and become the men they always hoped to become. For many men, this is their first step into a larger world.

Welcome and happy gaming!