Joseph Matthews - Art Of Approaching

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Subject Area: Cold approach, openers, routines and confidence.

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Rating: 8.2/10

If you’ve ever felt shy or nervous about approaching women, then the Art of Approaching is a product that needs to be added to your arsenal of PUA weapons. Covering everything from stopping anxiety, openers and conversational techniques, this will have you successfully opening and picking up women in no time.

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With all the different Pickup schools out there, it’s not surprising that more and more are specializing. Hypnotica focuses on inner game. Zan Perrion on lifestyle management. And the guys at “Art of Approaching” focus on, you guessed it, approaching.

Art Of Approaching has a single product, an ebook, and it really focuses on two key aspects: First, identifying women who want to be approached. And second, what to say when you do approach them. It’s amazing how many pickup teachers ignore that first section, but the reality is important: if a woman isn’t open to being approached, it almost doesn’t matter how good your game is, you will get shot down.

I’ve seen pickup artists in the field screw this up. Heck, I’ve been hanging out with a female friend of mine, obviously engaged in an intimate conversation, only to see a novice pickup artist blunder over, interrupting us. The girl’s reaction is invariably negative. Why? Because the would-be pickup artists missed obvious signs that the girl was otherwise engaged and therefore wasn’t available to be approached. It’s great to see an ebook that finally includes issues on this extremely important topic.

If you’re new to pickup, this probably isn’t the right first choice for you. It’s axiomatic that new students of pickup are worried, primarily, about approaching. Approach anxiety is real, and there are probably more questions about it posted on the major bulletin boards than about any other issue. However, good opening is wasted without the proper game to follow it up – it’s a persistent myth that guys have, if they were only better at opening women then they’d be sleeping with more of them.

That being said, it can’t be denied that approaching women is an area where many men fall down. If you have the basics down, and are looking to really blast away any last concerns you have in this area, then The Art of Approaching could be the right product for you.

In this book you’ll find breakdowns of almost every kind of approach there is. Also awesome is the “boot camp” section of the book, which gives you specific missions to get you out of the habit of sitting and reading about pickup, and into the habit of getting out in the field and practicing, which is the only real way to improve. That’s a crucial factor that a lot of writers overlook.

Overall, it is certain that every pickup artist out there could improve his results by studying the material in the “Art of Approaching” ebook.