Buying Temperature

Buying temperature is one of the most useful concepts for pickup, but it’s one that its almost unmentioned much of the foundational material. A proper understanding of this important tool can really help your game.

A buying temperature spike is a short term burst of attraction generated by a strong DHV or powerful emotional experience. It’s a rush. Women feeling a buying temperature spike may giggle, laugh, scoff, be slack-jacked, punch you (playfully), hug you, spontaneously kiss you, or just stare at you like they want to eat you for dinner.

Buying temperature spikes are visceral things. While there are many intellectual ways to DHV and generate attraction, you’re going to generate rushes of powerful feelings unless you work on an emotional level. Magic, fortunetelling, and anything else which creates an “aha” moment will often work. On the other hand, a story with demonstrates preselection and leadership, while it might help you generate attraction, isn’t going to heat things up in the same way.

Cocky/funny tends to generate large spikes of buying temperature – if a girl is laughing, in shock, and hitting you in the arm, you’re doing in right. Strong, kino escalation can do it, too. Next time you’re with a girl who you’ve kissed lightly, and you have her alone (this is a great one to do right outside your front door) gently push her up against the wall, and kiss her, firmly, two or three times. Then just open your door and walk inside. 9 times out of ten, the reaction she’s having is a massive buying temperature spike, and the odds are good that she’ll jump you as soon as you get inside.

Future projections can also build buying temperature, particularly if you break them in a funny way. Say you’re future-projecting about being married, and living on a tropical island, and you take her to a place where she can practically taste the pineapple … and then you tell her you’re divorcing her for a topless island girl. Her reaction will include a buying temperature spike (although you’ll probably have to calibrate back and tell her that you’ll re-marry her, “for the kids, at least,” before you go in for the kino).

Buying temperature spikes are often short-lived. The kind of rush they create isn’t going to last very long – it can’t, because it’s caused by a flurry of emotions which will soon settle. They’re also somewhat nonspecific, which is to say that a girl feeling them is going to be open to advances from any attractive male in the vicinity, not just you. This means that you must use your them primarily in isolation, away from the crowds. Use them when you’re already locked in.

Exploit buying temperature spikes by escalating kino. One of the best ways to make this happen is to simply let yourself be overwhelmed by how cute she is, and move in and kiss her. Now isn’t the time for a fancy (or wordy) kiss close – she’s in the midst of an emotional highpoint. Ride the wave!

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