Carlos Xuma PUA Product Reviews

carlos xumaCarlos Xuma has a strong, unique approach to pickup. You can boil it down to a simple phrase: “The alpha man gets the girls.”

Nearly everything he teaches is related to that one simple concept. He focuses on getting over your fears, being aggressive, powerful, and in control at all times. He hates the concept of the “nice guy” and gears his programs entirely towards breaking any habits you may hold which might lead to women putting you in the “nice guy” box.

One of his most popular products is “Secrets of the Alpha Man” – a nice combination of ebook and audio all geared up to do just what the title says: let you inside the head of an alpha man, to see how he thinks, so you can start to excise “nice” qualities from your personality and become the leader of men that all women desire.

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Some men approach his material and get uncomfortable – feeling like they’re being asked to become someone other than who they want to be. After all, the line between being alpha and being a jerk can be a fine one. But Xuma’s “Alpha Immersion” program attacks this problem head-on, focusing on developing the alpha man who is congruent with your natural personality. What is the most alpha version of yourself you can be?

This is a smart approach, but a lot of schools of pickup ignore it. Particularly the more practically-oriented, “easy,” routine-based schools can make you feeling a bit like an automaton. While that can be a great approach to get you started, true mastery is only achieved once you find a way to be yourself while still picking up women. Xuma’s approach can help get you there.

Don’t be fooled, though, Xuma wants to bring out your inner rebel, and he’s not shy about it. His “Bad Boy Formula” is specifically designed to help guys who have had problems being “that guy” – you know, the one who’s shoulder the girl cries on when she finds out the guy she’s been fucking has been cheating on her. This is important, good information – but it’s not always for everyone.

There’s an edge to Xuma. For example, he offers a “Girlfriend Training Program,” which, let’s just say, it’s not the sort of name that is going to make many feminists happy. It’s nice, however, to see a pickup artist thinking ahead, worrying not just about pickup, but about relationship management. That’s an area a lot of PUA’s don’t bother with, and it’s worth some attention, because many of us didn’t get into pickup because we wanted to lay a new girl every week, but rather because we wanted to create a lasting, more meaningful relationship with a higher quality of woman.

Overall, Carlos Xuma is a top choice for the PUA who needs to work on developing the alpha side of his personality, inner game, relationship management or even just simple pickup skills. If that’s you, then Carlos Xumas’ products should not be missed!

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Carlos Xuma Product Reviews