Carlos Xuma - Secrets Of The Alpha Man 2

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Subject Area: Alpha masculinity, inner & outer game.

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Rating: 9.6/10

Covering everything from inner game and outer game, Alpha Immersion by Carlos Xuma is a must have product for any guy out there who wants to increase self-confidence, self-belief, improve his social status or achieve any other form of self improvement.

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Invariably guys do or say the most desperate and stupid of things just get a woman. And let’s be honest, we’ve all got at least one skeleton in our closet that has us cringing with embarrassment, thinking of what a fool you acted just to get the attention of a girl.

I once wrote a poem and sent it along with a professional photo of myself to win an ex-girlfriend back. Needless to say it failed hopelessly and I’m sure her friends had a good laugh at my expense!

So why do we act so helplessly in front of the opposite sex? The simple answer is self-confidence. Or lack of it for that matter. Women can make you feel on top of the world, but can also shatter yourself esteem and have you feeling less of a man. Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

Thanks to Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Immersion Secrets of the Alpha Man 2 box set, you can now become the dominant player in any relationship and never feel insecure again.

Does that walk towards a woman you are about to approach feel like the one you’d take on Death Row? Like your last few paces before you’ll be put out of your misery. Learn Xuma’s Shy 100 exercise that will make you overcome your fear of approaching and instead of making it something you dislike intensely, turn it into a fun-fueled routine. Learn all about the male panic syndrome that currently stops you having much success with the opposite sex and how you can totally remove any inner fears.

Ok, so you like the sound of that, but you’re not even sure of the actual approach itself? Do you walk up quickly, slowly, from the side, shake her hand? With so many issues, no wonder it’s such a difficult act to execute!

Let Xuma guide you through the 11 initial strategies of approach. He’ll give you the complete architecture and psychology of approaching women, explained in such detail that you’ll be itching to get out into the real world and put what you have learned into practice.

The program helps you along with both your inner and outer game. Without one, the other is useless. You may have all the chat up lines and routines in the world but are too shy to use them or you may have all the confidence, but your outer game is poor, leaving the ladies ultimately turned off.

You’ll be taught exactly what inner and outer game are, when to use them, how to make them grow and finally, the secrets of how they work together making you the top prize for any female.

Once you have your own game up to scratch, the program will show you how to get inside the mind of a woman. Learn the 4 hidden desires of women and how you can use these basic desires to make women more attracted to you.

Be amazed at the 5 rules of women’s resistance, why she does it and how to use the M&M method to break through it.

Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Immersion Secrets of the Alpha Man 2 box set is a complete A-Z guide to becoming the guy you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll learn not only how to improve and perfect your own game, but also how a woman works (they’re very different creatures to us!) leaving you with so much information, you will never struggle for female attention again.