Carlos Xuma - Alpha Lifestyle

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Subject Area: Inner and outer game, living an alpha male lifestyle

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Rating: 9.8/10

This life changing series from Carlos Xuma isn’t just about having more success with women, but is an entire makeover that is destined to transform every aspect of your lifestyle. Covering everything from inner game to outer game, this is’s highest rated product.

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We all know who the alpha male is in our group of friends or in the workplace. In short, it’s the guy that gets all the girls and has a certain swagger about him. The guy that seems to be so confident in everything he does, you almost want to hate him, but invariably he’s a great bloke too! So how did he become so confident in himself? Was he born with it or is it something he picked up along the way? Luckily for you, it is something that can be learned and with Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Lifestyle DVD box set, you will discover simple techniques to become the alpha male of any group with a minimum of effort. You’ll learn that an alpha lifestyle isn’t just about picking up women. It carries through to almost every part of life from your career to your social circle. Xuma teaches how to tap into your inner power source to go after the passions in your life. Are you always saying to yourself that you will start something next week, month or year? We all do it. Now you can find that hidden reserve of energy and purpose inside of you that you’ve needed to move forward and begin your quest for an all round brighter future TODAY. Then learn the powers of both inner and outer game. Both powerful tools to have that alpha lifestyle you’ve been craving. Your inner game is the battle that must be won first of all – once you have learned to master this through some easy to implement exercises, you’ll have so much more self-confidence, your friends won’t recognize you! Lacking confidence breeds negative thoughts and in turn, makes you have less belief in yourself than you should. Let Xuma re-frame your mindset, eliminating these negative beliefs and instead make you focus on success and personal fulfillment. Xuma will also teach you so many powerful outer game tactics and strategies, your phone will be ringing off the hook with offers in both your work and personal life. Whether it is the opening conversation, the first date or building your social and business networks, this program shows you hundreds of ways to improve your outer game. When we think of alpha males, Hugh Hefner isn’t too far back right? A man that has been surrounded by a bevy of beauties throughout the decades has to be respected! Included in this brilliant box set are techniques demonstrated by two of his Playboy models, Shannon Stewart and Katya Kovac. So for the first time ever, learn how to turn on a Playgirl straight from the source! There is also a fascinating section delivered by a former marine and hostage negotiator. He’ll teach you how to develop an unstoppable mindset and achieve complete congruency with your words, thoughts and actions. Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Lifestyle box set really is value for money. If you struggle with confidence in any part of your day to day, whether work or social, you could do much worse than buying this program to transform you into the alpha male that every man wants to be.