Carlos Xuma - Alpha Masculinity

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Subject Area: Confidence, Charisma, Laws of Attraction

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Rating: 9.5/10

This life changing series from Carlos Xuma will take you from nobody to SOMEBODY in no time at all. Not only will you find your social status increasing with guys, but more importantly this product teaches easy to implement ways of getting girls to want you too.

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If you go way back in time, it was always the top male hunters who had the higher ranking within their village and in turn, had more privileges including the pick of women. Why is that? Simply put, the alpha male generally succeeds in everything he does and a by-product of that is he enjoys the fruits of his labour. The question is, how do you become an alpha male? With a little guidance from Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Masculinity DVD box set, the successful hunter can be you and take you from strength to strength in all aspects of your love life. All through the years women will have told you that they love to be with a gentlemen, a “nice” guy. Someone that treats them with respect does everything for them and generally treats them like a princess. This sounds like you, so why have you never had much luck with the opposite sex? In truth, it’s because women aren’t really looking for that. They convince themselves about the whole fairytale with the handsome prince, but in reality they want the dominant hunter that has the presence to look after them. Women are ALL attracted to that alpha male. Xuma teaches all the specific and exact traits that women think of as manly and how you can start to develop them to become an alpha male. Have you always been that guy that is so eager to please, you lose your own opinion along the way and end up being pretty much a puppet so as not to offend? Learn dozens of real-life techniques for getting rid of those anxious to please behaviours so you can become your own man, which is a huge attraction to women and a step closer to becoming the confident, charismatic man that every guy is aiming to be. We’ve all done this as the “nice” guy. Trying so desperately hard to impress a girl, when your actions and words don’t seem to be working, you just try a little harder…and harder. This is normally when you need a hook to grab you from behind and get you away from the cringe worthy situation! Desperation is not a trait women like in men. It shows weakness. Let Xuma show you the phenomenal 12 parts to the nice guy script that will have shaking your head and realizing that this is exactly where you are going wrong. He will walk you through how to drop the “try hard” act and teach you how to relax in front of women, sending your results through the roof! In reality, we are all competing against one another to get the girl of our dreams. The problem is, although competition can be healthy, it can also leave you feeling vulnerable and weak. Learn how to compete without having to risk your neck or reputation and how to come out on top nine out of ten times, even against the most handsome or wealthy guys. If you have always been labelled the nice guy or tend to end up as just friends with most of the girls you meet, then Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Masculinity DVD box set is a must buy. Packed with information on how to turn from the guy that girls view as “pleasant” into the attractive dominant hunter, you’ll wish you had watched it years ago!