Carlos Xuma - Real Alpha Day Game

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Subject Area: Daytime approaching, opening and closing.

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Rating: 9.1/10

This amazing series by Carlos Xuma shows how to meet girls during the day in everyday locations such as coffee shops, shopping malls and even just out on the street. Follow his easy guide on how to approach, open and close ANY girl, and watch your results skyrocket. Check it out now!

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Most of us need a bit of Dutch courage to approach a woman. Usually this comes in the form of a few drinks. Once we have just the right level of alcohol inside of us, we head on over to the girl in question and start trying to impress.

Unfortunately, more often than not, your brain and lips don’t seem to be working in tandem and it all goes horribly wrong. You think to yourself, “Why couldn’t I have just gone up when I first saw her without the aid of too many beers”?

The truth is, your confidence wouldn’t let you. But fear not, this doesn’t have to continue.

With Carlos Xuma’s Approach Women 2 Real Alpha Day Game you’ll discover how to fearlessly approach any woman at anytime, needing no stimulus to do so!

I can guarantee that not a day goes by without you seeing a girl you would like to talk to. Whether it is on the way to work, on your lunch break or even at work, there are so many opportunities that are there for the taking if only you had a little more confidence.

Carlos Xuma will teach you how to use a pre-approach checklist, with the specific steps to warm yourself up to approaching women in any situation. Then you will learn the 7 actual phases of the approach itself and what you must focus on each step of the way,

Approaching a girl while in a coffee shop at midday is no real different than walking up to a girl in a bar at night, but her mindset will be TOTALLY different.

Think about it, hanging out at a bar in the evening is very much a social scene so women expect to be approached whether they like it or not! In the coffee shop at midday, she’ll feel she has the right to be left alone so will only respond in a positive manner if your approach is spot on.

To guide you through this, Xuma teaches the rehearsal technique that gives you the ability to learn material ten times more effectively, meaning your chances of a successful approach are increased through the roof. Remember that daytime game is far more ruthless, so you have to get it right immediately or you’ll be shot down within seconds!

As we know, women are unpredictable at the best of times and this is especially so during daytime approaches. To help you with this, the program details the 3 response modes of women, how women will react to you during the approach and your strategy for handling each type. This is a real lifesaver!

Also learn a woman’s 8 secret emotional states (it sounds like a lot, but think about it!) and once engrained in your memory, watch your confidence skyrocket.

The series contains 4 DVD’s and 16 CD’s so the knowledge you will gain is almost endless. If you’ve never been able to approach a woman during the day or without a few beers down your neck in the night time, then Carlos Xuma’s Approach Women 2 Real Alpha Day Game box set is certain to open up a whole new world of opportunity for you.