Carlos Xuma - Approach Women Now

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Subject Area: Stopping approach anxiety, social interaction.

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Rating: 8.5/10

Approcah Women Now will revolutionize every aspect of your social interactions. Not only will it give you the self-belief and inner confidence to approach and talk to women, but it will also improve your day to day relationships with friends, colleagues and strangers alike. Don’t miss it!

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Are you the guy in your group of friends that NEVER chats to women when you’re in a bar or nightclub? Your pals don’t even want to take you over as a wingman because you’re so damn bad in conversation that you just make the situation awkward.

Ever wondered why this is and how you can rectify it?

Thankfully with the help of Carlos Xuma’s Approach Women Now box set you can now become a master at talking to any woman in any given scenario.

There’s nothing worse than desperately wanting to approach a girl that you like the look of, but being totally unable to act on it. That nagging voice in your head telling you “She’s out of your league” or “You’re probably not her type” make it almost impossible to muster the courage to talk to her.

Let Xuma teach you how to silence that voice of doubt forever with some fantastic techniques that will change your dating life forever. Learn the instinct you must trust to enable your long-term success with women and both the positive and negative indicators that will help you never face rejection again.

You’ve probably watched countless guys approach girls through the years and thought you’d love to be able to do that. The truth is, 8 out of 10 of those guys probably bombed out.

Learn all the mistakes guys typically make during their approach and how you can make sure you don’t follow in their footsteps. One of these being the awkward silence – a horrible moment in every man’s life! The program will teach you how to stop this from ever happening again and help you to keep the conversation flowing so she never takes her focus away from you.

There is no one given formula for approaching women. You’ve heard the saying “Different strokes for different folks.” This applies here too. What may work for a friend may not be so successful for you and vice-versa. Xuma explains the five levels of “approachers” and helps you work out which one you are.

You will be amazed at the phenomenal success you will achieve just by making sure you use the correct approach that fits your personality.

Why this system is such great value for money is in its diversity. Most other similar programs will talk you through how to approach women in the bar or club scene and leave everything else unanswered. Xuma lays it out in full, giving you specific word-by-word approaches for meeting girls in all different types of situation.

Whether you spot a lovely lady in a restaurant, bookstore, coffee shop or park you’ll have all the tools to get talking to her and well on your way to a first date.

Xuma has left no stone unturned in his Approach Women Now box set. Whether you are just a particularly shy guy that has never had any confidence or just feel that your game needs to be raised a level so you can talk to women ANYWHERE, this system will get you moving to become much more assured with the opposite sex.