Carlos Xuma - How To Talk To Women

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Subject Area: Conversational techniques, topics & turn ons.

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Rating: 8.5/10

This in depth guide by Carlos Xuma provides detailed instructions on how to become a confident and engaging public speaker, how to draw people in when you talk, how to cold approach with ease and style, as well as the technical aspects of voice tone, pitch and speed.

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For most of us, talking to a woman can be a painful experience. It’s right up there with the dentist!

The sweaty palms, shaky legs..and that’s even before you’ve opened your mouth. Then suddenly your lips start moving without your brain’s say so and all sorts of nonsense begins sprouting out.

Sound familiar? Well, it happens to the best of us, but now with the help of Carlos Xuma’s How To Talk To Women box set, this can become a thing of the past.

Ever wanted to know exactly what to say to a woman on first approach? Xuma will teach you the one subject you must use to build the deepest rapport and how this will have her engrossed from the first second. It genuinely does work.

Once the conversation starts flowing, there is nothing worse than losing her interest halfway through and then having an awkward silence to navigate through. The program will show you one single super technique that will allow you to keep control of every conversation so you will never have to worry about her losing interest in what you have to say.

We’ve all seen it before. A friend of yours (or you for that matter!) is trying so desperately hard to keep a girl in the bar entertained that he is totally unaware of her disinterest. He’s convinced she is looking at him with total admiration but in reality she is thinking who is this fool?

Learn the concrete evidence to look for to know if your banter is working. It’s amazing stuff and will save you from anymore embarrassing moments where you think you’re being a really joker, but in fact you’re just a joke!

The reason you’re probably reading this is because you aren’t that good with talking to girls. A huge common mistake guys like us make, due to our lack of confidence, is that we never quite know how a conversation is going. She might actually be in to you but because she is not laughing her head off, you get out of there as you can’t face rejection.

Or on the flip side, you think you are doing really well, which you probably are, but your over enthusiasm has you rambling on for longer than you should and suddenly she loses interest.

Xuma will show you how much effort you should put into talking to a woman and what to watch for to tell you when to stay or go. This is invaluable information and could be the difference between totally impressing a girl or completely ruining your chances.

If you often worry about running out of things to say, then you needn’t anymore. Xuma spills unrivaled amounts of superb techniques that will have you talking yourself into a bunch of great relationships.

Learn why the “panic attack” moment happens in the middle of a conversation and what to do to erase it from your mind. Also one simple principle that you can use immediately which pushes aside 90% of the things you have learned to say to women and will get you ten times more success with what you use. There is so much more that I could go on all day.

If you do find it hard to talk to the opposite sex or struggle to find things to keep a conversation going, then grab a copy of Carlos Xuma’s How To Talk To Women box set and watch your confidence explode.