Carlos Xuma - Secrets Of The Alpha Man

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Subject Area: Seduction, social dominance, advanced inner game.

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In Secrets of the Alpha Man, Carlos Xuma reveals all his closely guarded secrets about the keys to successfully becoming an alpha male. He teaches everything from increasing inner confidence, self esteem and self-belief right through to naturally elevating your social status.

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Have you ever had a thing for a girl at work then at a social event she turns up with her boyfriend? He’s not particularly tall or good-looking, but seems to have her in a spin. She constantly laughs hysterically at his jokes, flipping her hair back and touching his arms incessantly.

What has this guy got that’s so special? In short, it is what’s known as the alpha male syndrome. Girls love it and all guys want it. Now thanks to Carlos Xuma’s Secrets of the Alpha Man, you too can learn how to be the guy that women desperately crave.

It’s not rocket science working out WHAT women want from a guy, it’s HOW to get it. Good looks, height and money get you so far, but these still don’t make you an alpha male. Those traits can attract a woman for so long, but keeping her interested requires far more.

Three huge factors in becoming an alpha male are self-confidence, sense of humor and self-control. Carlos Xuma will teach you how to overcome your fears and avoid intimidation in any social scenario leading your confidence to soar higher than ever before.

Learn how to motivate yourself to move forward in life past the boundaries you may already be inventing due to your low self-esteem. With a lack of self-belief comes doubt. “Why would she like me?” “I bet she’ll cheat on me when she’s at the club”. This system will show you how to avoid this crazy, obsessive thinking that makes you do stupid things and ultimately is the downfall in all of your relationships.

“He’s such a nice guy” is something any of us guys don’t want to hear. This is basically a subtle way of a girl letting you know you will never be anything more than just friends.

With this incredible system you will learn 16 tell tale nice guy traits that women are totally turned off by. If you get rid of these dead give-aways to your personality, you’ll become 100% more attractive to the opposite sex.

Then learn the 17 traits of the alpha male, why they work and how to implement them in your day to day life. Xuma will teach you the most necessary characteristics to develop and why women find these irresistible.

Your lack of self assurance has probably always made you step aside when a better-looking guy comes along to talk to a woman you have been attempting to seduce. Learn why looks are the least important part of an alpha male lifestyle and how you can easily out-perform any pretty boy.

You’ll never feel intimidated again and be able to control the situation making you more desirable than ever. There are also four exercises to bring out your inner warrior, actually secret traits of martial artists, that will not only have you a dominant force in your social life, but also in your career as well.

Carlos Xuma’s Secrets of the Alpha Man eBook and audio box set is an absolute essential purchase for the 95% of guys out there that haven’t got the confidence and skill set to be an alpha male. Luckily, I can report after reading this series, you can be all that and more.