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Negs are one of the most over-used, and most misunderstood, parts of game. They’re also, unfortunately, why the seduction community has a reputation for being full of douchebags: guys going around insulting women hoping it’ll get them to drop their panties.

But this conception relies on a misunderstanding of what a neg is. A neg isn’t an insult. A neg, rather, is merely the kind of comment that someone who was interested in her wouldn’t make.

For example, take the classic, “Nice nails, are they real?” A typical AFC guy would never do this. He would be so afraid of offending her (and thus losing his chance to sleep with her) that he would only offer the vague compliment. Same with, “Those are great boots! You’re the third girl I’ve seen wearing them tonight!”

Guys screw up by delivering those classic negs as zingers, but a neg doesn’t work if it feels like you’re trying to get one over on her. Instead, “are they real?” is delivered as if you genuinely like her nails, and the boot compliment is delivered in the vein of appreciating how fashionable the target is.

Negs don’t even have to be “negative” – what they’re really doing is negating your own interest. For example, another classic: “You and I would not get along, we’re too alike!” You’re not saying anything bad about her – merely that you’re not interested in dating her.

Another possibility along these lines is, “I wish you were brunette. I’m taking a break from blondes for a while.” There is no conceivable way in which this is an insult, but it does the job of demonstrating your lack of interest. These are “disqualifiers” sure, but they are also negs.

The purpose of your neg is to break the frame of you being just another guy who’s hitting on her, to get around her bitch shield. You are demonstrating that you have not put her on a pedestal just because she’s an attractive woman.

This is very important: Even negs like these need to be reserved from “9s and 10s” – highly attractive women. Model-looking women are constantly besieged with unwanted attention from men, and thus have strong bitch shields.

The reality is that most other women – even most other very attractive women – are constantly being made to feel inadequate about their appearance. Not only, therefore, are these women not standing on pedestals which they need to be knocked off of before you can talk to them, but in fact most of the time they’ll respond much more positively towards the flattery inherent in your attention. It’s nice to be the subject of attention from an attractive member of the opposite sex – don’t make things more complicated than they need to be.

Happy gaming!

Jealousy Tactics

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Preselection is one of the most powerful attraction switches there is. The more success with women you have, the more that will feed on itself. But this has a dark side: jealousy.

Jealousy can be a powerful weapon. Not only are you using preselection, but you’re also taking advantage of a fundamental truth of human nature: we pursue that which retreats from us. You never want anything so badly as you do the moment you realize that maybe you won’t be able to get it.

Some PUA sites recommend the strong use of jealousy plotlines, constantly using stories about other women to keep your target on edge. However, this can backfire. If you don’t calibrate it perfectly, then your target may assume you’re not interested or start hitting you back with jealousy plotlines of her own… and now you’re on a tightrope, where one mis-step could reveal your entire edifice of stories as nothing more than a charade, destroying your value. (I’ve seen it a dozen times on the message boards: a guy brags about his jealousy plotline, then collapses when she doesn’t return his call right away, or goes out with another guy.) Jealousy plotlines are playing with fire.

Instead, the best way to use jealousy for you is to keep your life full and interesting, and to genuinely be pursuing multiple women at once. Don’t go out of your way to tell your target about the other women in your life when you first start seeing each other … but don’t hide the other women from her, either. If your life is naturally full of women – as it will be, is you learn to apply the techniques you’ve been learning on this site – then your target will constantly feel that she has to be willing to work for you or risk losing you.

Not because of a “tactic” – but because she actually does! Because you have other high-quality options, and you’re only interested in the best. You’re not running a jealousy plotline, you’re living your life in such a way as that lots of women would want to be a part of it.

This also prevents you from getting too fixated on any one target too quickly, before she’s proven herself to you that she’s genuinely worth your time and energy. (Being too committed too quickly is one of the biggest value-killers out there).

So it’s fine to invite multiple girls you’re interested in to a party you throw. It’s fine to let them hear about each other. You don’t need to hide the lipstick one left on your mail table from the other ones. But don’t manipulate it, and always maintain tact: if you tell one girl stories of all the others, she’s assume you’re telling them stories about her, too.

And it’s one thing for a girl to leave her lipstick on your mail table, but something else entirely for her to leave her earrings on your bedside table. You want your target to feel like she has to work for you, but not that she’s just another girl you’re trying to bang.

Good luck!

Buying Temperature

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Buying temperature is one of the most useful concepts for pickup, but it’s one that its almost unmentioned much of the foundational material. A proper understanding of this important tool can really help your game.

A buying temperature spike is a short term burst of attraction generated by a strong DHV or powerful emotional experience. It’s a rush. Women feeling a buying temperature spike may giggle, laugh, scoff, be slack-jacked, punch you (playfully), hug you, spontaneously kiss you, or just stare at you like they want to eat you for dinner.

Buying temperature spikes are visceral things. While there are many intellectual ways to DHV and generate attraction, you’re going to generate rushes of powerful feelings unless you work on an emotional level. Magic, fortunetelling, and anything else which creates an “aha” moment will often work. On the other hand, a story with demonstrates preselection and leadership, while it might help you generate attraction, isn’t going to heat things up in the same way.

Cocky/funny tends to generate large spikes of buying temperature – if a girl is laughing, in shock, and hitting you in the arm, you’re doing in right. Strong, kino escalation can do it, too. Next time you’re with a girl who you’ve kissed lightly, and you have her alone (this is a great one to do right outside your front door) gently push her up against the wall, and kiss her, firmly, two or three times. Then just open your door and walk inside. 9 times out of ten, the reaction she’s having is a massive buying temperature spike, and the odds are good that she’ll jump you as soon as you get inside.

Future projections can also build buying temperature, particularly if you break them in a funny way. Say you’re future-projecting about being married, and living on a tropical island, and you take her to a place where she can practically taste the pineapple … and then you tell her you’re divorcing her for a topless island girl. Her reaction will include a buying temperature spike (although you’ll probably have to calibrate back and tell her that you’ll re-marry her, “for the kids, at least,” before you go in for the kino).

Buying temperature spikes are often short-lived. The kind of rush they create isn’t going to last very long – it can’t, because it’s caused by a flurry of emotions which will soon settle. They’re also somewhat nonspecific, which is to say that a girl feeling them is going to be open to advances from any attractive male in the vicinity, not just you. This means that you must use your them primarily in isolation, away from the crowds. Use them when you’re already locked in.

Exploit buying temperature spikes by escalating kino. One of the best ways to make this happen is to simply let yourself be overwhelmed by how cute she is, and move in and kiss her. Now isn’t the time for a fancy (or wordy) kiss close – she’s in the midst of an emotional highpoint. Ride the wave!

Rapport Building With Women

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One of the key factors which will make a woman comfortable sleeping with you is the sense that you and her have connected on a meaningful level. If she feels like you are someone who sees her for who she really is, and appreciates her for who she is, then you’ll disarm a lot of her anti-slut defenses.

Genuine rapport is hard to fake, especially because women are better at picking up how present someone is in the moment than we are. If you are thinking about something other than what she is doing and saying right in front of you, she’s likely to notice.

And this leads us to the first truth about generating rapport: it comes from simply being present with someone, putting her at the center of your attention. A lot of aspiring PUAs get stuck in their heads, worrying about the next move, but this is a real game killer. If a girl senses that you have an ulterior motive, she’ll eject. If you have that kind of trouble, Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power Of Now” is further reading that you may find useful. (The book has some annoying metaphysical content – ignore that part. Focus on the practical stuff. As an added bonus, that book will provide great material to talk about with girls during the comfort phase).

Rapport can be facilitated in other ways, although if you don’t get being mentally and emotionally present down, these will be less useful. But one useful trick is mirroring: When you see a couple in deep rapport, you’ll notice how they often adopt mirror-image postures to each other. If he has his hands on his hips, so will she. They’ll drink with hands on the same side of the table, at about the same time, etc. To speed up the development of your rapport, start mirroring her posture, arm position, and so on.

You may find that this becomes very natural quite quickly. Good! This will help your game. (But don’t forget to kino! Of course, if she starts mirroring you, and you start kinoing her, then she’s going to kino you back.)

Another key aspect of rapport is mutual revelations of vulnerability. This is a very important step, but a lot of aspiring PUAs make a huge mistake here: They DLV themselves while making themselves vulnerable, by telling stories about them behaving in a low-value way. “I was so hurt when my ex-girlfriend dumped me, I thought I’d never meet another girl.” WRONG! Yes, you’re revealing vulnerability here, but you’re also saying, “I’m the kind of guy who gets dumped and has a hard time dealing with it.” That’s low value behavior.

Mystery, instead, tells a story about how his niece fell down the stairs, and how he was an emotional wreck but still managed to get her to the hospital. Notice how much better a story this is? Not only is he hitting the “protector of loved ones” attraction switch, but he’s telling a story about how he keeps his head in a crisis. He’s revealing vulnerability, but he’s DHVing himself while he does it. That’s how you generate rapport!

Another useful technique is future-projections. Basically, you share a fantasy about anything exciting: taking a trip, going on an adventure, getting married, you name it. Have fun with it and be extravagant. Women tend to feel emotions stronger than we do, so if you can get her really imagining this wonderful future with you, she’ll get the emotional kick as if it really happened. (And no, don’t worry about future-projecting marriage. Be light and fun about it, and it’ll be a blast. She’s not going to hold you to it).

Apply these principles to your mid game comfort-stage behavior. And make a habit of watching couples when you go out, when they’re in rapport. What do you see that you can copy? Mirroring, kino-pinging (lots of light, mutual casual physical contact), and what else? Watch, learn, and apply it to you own game, and you’ll see good results.

Good luck!


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The key to successful pickup is attraction. If a woman is attracted to you, you can make all sorts of mistakes in your “game” and still be successful with her. If she’s not, there’s very little you can do to make her interested in taking things to the next level.

But many aspiring PUAs don’t understand how attraction works for women, and thus make mistakes. It is very important to understand that women are not men. This sounds obvious, but it is the key to game. What while our primary attraction switches are visual, women are much more attracted to behavioral cues. Paying attention to your appearance and getting in shape will help you, but nowhere near as much as it would help a woman.

To start, let’s reduce the source of women’s attraction to a single word: status. Developing your ability to see and understand status will help your pickup immensely. Make a habit of assessing the status of everyone you run into in different social situations. Start noticing the behaviour that high-status people engage in, compared to low status people, and incorporate it into your behaviour.

The high status person sits in the most comfortable chair. If there aren’t enough chairs for everyone, he’s sitting down, while others stand. He has a good view of the room. He speaks slowly because he trusts people will listen. He often speaks first or last in the conversation. He is less focused on the people around him than they are on him. He is making confident decisions for himself and for the group.

In addition to status, the following are powerful attraction switches for women:

Pre-Selection: Assessing whether a man truly has attractive personal qualities can take a lot of time, but if other women find him attractive, he must have them. Therefore, pre-selection is a major attractive quality. Surround yourself with women to take advantage of this, even if you aren’t gaming them.

Confidence: One of the most important attraction switches. It is vitally important to be confident. If you don’t feel confident, act confident. Constantly ask yourself “what would a more confident man do here?” and just do it. Women may find shy awkwardness charming, but if you want to create powerful physical sensations drawing her towards you, be bold!

Center of Attention: Are people focused on you? Are they looking at you, talking about you? Then she’s going to want to spend more time with you.

Excellence: This is one of the most powerful attraction switches. Being excellent at anything. Displaying excellence marks you as sexually worthy. Remember that it’s not enough to be excellent, you have to show it off, preferably effortlessly. Put yourself in environments where you have a chance to show off what you are excellent at.

Socially savvy: Women are generally quicker than men at picking up little cues about social behavior and status than men. If she sees that you’re on her level with this, it will spark attraction.

Non-reactive: Stoicism is a stereotypically masculine trait – and guess what? Women are attractive to stereotypically masculine traits. Be emotionally strong, unaffected by the little slings and arrows life throws at you.

Non-reaction-seeking: This is related to the last one. People tend to ignore those of lower status than them, but they seek reactions from those above them on the social hierarchy. Therefore, if you are trying to get a reaction from her, you must be lower status than her, and therefore unattractive.

Fun: Being the guy who is always enjoyable to be around makes you attractive. Don’t be the quiet guy in the corner. Get out and be social and fun!

Positivity: Related to the last. Because women are often more emotional than men, they feel negativity stronger than we do – but they also feel positivity stronger than we do. So be positive about things, and women will flock to you.

Protector of Loved Ones: If we remember, ultimately, that attraction switches were selected for by evolution, this makes a lot of sense. A woman wants to feel, viscerally, that you’ll take care of her and your children – even if she has no intention of actually having kids with you. Evolution hasn’t caught up to birth control! This one can be hard to show off directly, but work it into the stories you tell about yourself.

Effortlessness: One of the biggest killers of attraction is the sense that you are trying hard to make something happen. Attractive men do everything easily, effortlessly. Try to just be doing your thing and letting good things flow to you.

Humility: Related to the above. An attractive man doesn’t try to show anyone up. However, there’s a trap here for many aspiring PUAs: Avoid putting yourself down. Self-deprecating humor is bad for you game – but remember that every self-deprecating joke is a cocky/funny joke in reverse, and cocky/funny hits a lot of attraction switches.

As David DeAngelo pointed out attraction is not a choice. Hit all of these switches and you will have the women fawning over you. You will still need to apply good game to successfully advance, but the more you can keep her attracted, the easier things will go! Get used to pushing this buttons and hit them all the time.

Happy gaming!


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Ever hear the phrase, “The game is played in comfort?”

This is a staple of PUA lore, but it’s unclear to most reforming AFCs. Since middle-game is poorly covered in Mystery’s seminal work, new students are often left confused.

Mystery touches on it, when he talks about “bait-hook-reel-release”, but it was Mehow who really broke down how this phase works. The idea is simple: you are slowly getting a woman to display greater amounts of compliance with your requests.

But what is compliance? Compliance, in practical terms, is the woman doing what you want her to be doing. When you open a girl, and she talks back to you, she’s complying. When she accepts your kino she’s complying. When you tell her to give you her palm for a reading, and she does, she’s complying. If you squeeze her hand while you’re holding it, and she squeezes back, etc, etc. There are infinite variations.

The first key to generating compliance is simple: You reward good behavior and you punish bad behavior. This is one of the most important rules of pickup. When she does something good (paying attention to you, kissing you back, returning a phone call) you reward her by reciprocating. Similarly, when she does something bad, you punish her.

It is important to scale your reward or punishment to the same intensity of her good or bad behavior. That is to say, if she’s looking around the bar when you want her to be talking to you, you disengage slightly and pay less attention to her, too.

That’s the starting point, but there’s more to it than that. You want her to be working for your approval. She demonstrates that desire for your approval by complying with your requests, but to keep her working for it, more is required. That’s where the “release” in bait-hook-reel-release comes from. You bait the girl by getting her attention in some way, you hook her by getting her to comply, you reel her in by rewarding her with positive emotions, and then you release her.

You give her a playful little push away. Nothing hard – you don’t want to punish her. You just make it clear that she has to continue to work for your approval. This maintains your value and keeps the attraction level high: you don’t want to be the guy who starts flattering the woman constantly the moment she gives him the time of day. This comes off as needy and weak, it destroys attraction, and your target will quickly start manipulating you.

She deserves to be rewarded is she isolates with you, tells you something substantial about herself, initiates or reciprocates kino, qualifies herself, displays a strong interest in you, makes plans to spend more time with you, or jumps through your hoops.

You reward her with kino, and sort of interactive routine (magic, future projections, palm reading, etc), and compliments. But be aware that compliments only work if she has worked for you. Otherwise, you’re giving her too much value and she knows she has the upper hand.

Good basic releases are breaking eye contact, focusing on her friend for a moment, going to the bathroom, rejecting her kino or teasing her for it, getting a drink or going to the bathroom. Little phrases like, “No way!” and “I can’t even talk to you now!” work. “I can’t believe you just said that,” or, “That’s it, we can’t hang out any more!” are also good releases.

How do you bait her and reel her in? Well, that’s up to you – it’s about the connection you develop with her, the ways you have of displaying value, and the things that are interesting about you. What are your DHVs? What attraction switches are you good at hitting? Every pickup artist has their own set of DHVs – use yours!

Day Twos

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So you met a hot girl, had fun the night you met her, and got her phone number. Now it’s time to set up a day two. This article will give you some basic principles on how to see her again.

Setting up a “Day Two”

Your plans to see a girl a second time begin before you ask for her number. Often the correct strategy is to “seed” an activity that the two of you might do together. “There’s a great climbing gym I’ve been meaning to check out,” or “Have you heard about that new sushi place?” You’re just having casual conversation, and the key to seeding is to drop ideas for interesting things to do until she bites, until she reacts by saying “Oh, that sounds fun. I’ve always wanted to go to a climbing gym/ try that sushi place /whatever.”

At this point, you don’t invite her to it. You let it drop. Then, later, you say something to the effect of “give me your number and we’ll go get sushi.” Remember, whenever possible to keep talking to her for a few minutes after you get her number. You want her number so you can spend time with her … but you’re spending time with her now! Don’t be in a rush to leave.

It’s important to seed interesting activities. A typical AFC date is dinner and a movie – but that’s a horrible date. You’re at the mercy of the movie being good (if it’s a dud you have major new roadblocks). While the movie is playing you can’t converse and have fun and laugh … and during dinner you’re sitting there, looking at each other with nothing interesting to talk about.

In fact, that model of date is so counterproductive that PUAs don’t even use the word “date” to describe seeing a girl for the second time. Instead, we talk about “day twos.” Or a D2, for short.

If dinner-and-a-movie is a terrible D2, what’s a good one? Well, anything that gives you interesting things to look at, do, or talk about while spending time together. Often group activities make great D2s because it’s easy to be comfortable, to present your best self. But really, coming up with a great D2 is about coming up with activities that you already want to do. This way, you’re already having a fun night – and each other’s company is just the icing on the cake. She’ll associate the overall fun of the evening with you, and when you isolate her and escalate kino, it feels spontaneous and natural.

Texting is a trap that many PUAs fall into. Avoid small-talk texts. Mystery recommends sending a light, funny text the night you get her number. It makes her smile, and it puts your name and number in her phone.

But texting is a tedious way to have a conversation, so don’t try – why do you want her to associate you with tedium? Save the small talk for being in person or being on the phone. Also, never, ever, ask a girl out by text while you’re getting used to this. This gives her all the power, while you dangle waiting to hear back from her, worrying more and more about what’s going on.

Furthermore, when she texts you back, if she’s busy, you never know if it’s because she is genuinely busy and wants you to ask again, or if she’s not interested. On the phone, you can hear it in her voice.

So what’s a good text? A good text is light and funny. It makes her laugh or smile – it gives her good emotions to associate with you. But it’s also like a pebble thrown into a pond. If you get a response, great! If you don’t … you just move forward as if it never happened. (This is a key rule of thumb for texting: if you are going to be stressed or not know what to do if you don’t get a response, don’t text her to begin with!)

Examples of good texts are: “Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking sexy ass people! You will be safe, I’m just texting to say goodbye,” “I’m naked…quit day-dreaming!” “stop undressing me with your eyes” or the sequence of you: “I have a question. Can you handle an honest compliment?” Her: “yes.” You: “Great. Me too. You go first.”

Phone game is much simpler. Call her up. Chat a bit. Get off the phone without asking her out. Repeat, and the second time invite her to the activity, chat a bit, then get off the phone. The key principles here are a willingness to get off the phone first, and the call being about something other than asking her out. “I just saw the funniest thing and thought of you …” is a great way to start a phone call. Talk for five minutes, and then be in the middle of something and have to go. The phone call was a spontaneous act!

Make specific plans. “Let’s get coffee on Friday. I’ll call you to set it up,” sounds like a plan to a guy, but to a girl it means nothing. She’ll flake and consider your annoyance a DLV, because in her mind you never made real plans. Real plans involve a specific time and place.

Don’t call or text to confirm – if you must text something, build anticipation. (eg, don’t text “Are we still on for margaritas tonight?” Instead text, “mmm … margaritas!”.) Calling to confirm is subcommunicating that it’s okay for her to flake. Assume she won’t flake, and she’s less likely to.

And lastly, don’t chase. If she gives you the runaround, give her a second chance, but then move on. Once you master this – and it’s tricky – you’ll discover that women start chasing you once they realize you won’t chase them. If she feels you chasing, she’ll run away.

But if you follow this advice, you won’t be chasing often. You’ll get in a room with her … and the rest is up to you.

Kino Escalation

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Kino escalation is probably the single most important aspect of game. It is also one of the biggest sticking points aspiring PUAs trip over. Proper kino escalation begins with the very first stages of a set, and it – obviously – continues and builds slowly all through the set, culminating in sex and even post-coital behavior.

Touching a woman sends powerful signals. It says that you’re confident and comfortable with yourself. It says that you’re not worried about scaring her off. It says that physicality is a natural and normal part of your life. All that adds up to another benefit: it turns women on. Women like being touched calmly, confidently, by men.

If you don’t smoothly and continually escalate kino, you will find yourself in the friend zone even with women who start out highly attracted to you.

Kino Basic Principles

Confidence. Kino must be done confidently and naturally. You should never appear uncertain or unclear about what you’re doing. Whether you’re talking about your hand on her knee, giving her a hug, or a kiss close, whatever you do should be deliberate, calm, and done as if the last thing on your mind is that she might reject your kino.

Awareness. Sometimes, a woman isn’t crazy about your kino. This is okay! Kino is so important that, when you’re learning, if you don’t occasionally go slightly too far, too fast then you’re almost certainly not escalating enough! However, you must be sensitive to the subtle signals that a woman sends which say, “You just went a little too far.” When this happens, you should deliberately, back off. Don’t flinch or jerk back like a spooked rabbit, but just be aware that her comfort level has changed. It’s okay: you can, and should, escalate again later. All she’s saying to you is “not yet.”

Two steps forward, one step back. It’s vitally important to build kino slowly and unevenly. If you’re touching her in a way that she likes, do it for a moment … then stop! Back up. A few minutes later, go forward again. Starting this pattern early reduces last-minute resistance, but more importantly is puts powerful thought in her head. If she likes your hand on her knee, and you take it away, she’s thinking, “I liked that. I want more of it.” This makes her highly receptive to your next advance. You should always be the one to disengage kino during the attraction, comfort, and seduction phases of a set.

Keep your touch light and feathery. Don’t just plop your hand on her. Let it move, stroke likely. Touch, slide, release. Let go. Everything is light, fluid, and fleeting and comfortable.

Early-Set Kino

When you first meet a girl, it’s important to establish that you’re comfortable touching her. Simple things like touching her arm with the back of your hand to emphasize a point in conversation send strong messages. Be willing to let your bodies touch if you’re talking together in a crowded club. Rest your hand on the small of her back or her hip while you talk, or on her knee if you’re seated next to each other. Never pull back from physical contact – and whenever its natural to touch, touch. Routines like palm-reading work well here, because they facilitate a lot of casual contact.

Mid-set Kino and Kiss-Closing

As the set progresses, you must confidently escalate, and your touch should become more deliberate. Whereas early-set kino can feel casual and incidental, an element of deliberateness should enter your kino here. Many aspiring PUAs get tripped up, because they get nervous, but Hypnotica has a great mantra to keep in mind: “Your hesitation equals her reservation.” The more you wait, delay, or fail to strike when the opportunity presents itself, the less receptive she will be when you finally do escalate.

Good mid-game kino is hugging, stroking the arm or the knee. Pay attention to parts of her body that aren’t strictly sexual but that don’t get a lot of attention normally – the inside of her elbows, her neck, or any part of her that doesn’t see a lot of sun.

A few words on kisses. Think of a kiss as just another form of kino. Don’t trip up by thinking it’s something categorically different from anything else. All the regular rules of kino apply. Although you can find lots of different routines online to help you kiss close, the most important thing to remember is that, when you see the opportunity – take it in a calm, confident way. Remember two steps forward, one step back, and go for it!

If your kino is rejected, don’t panic. Just relax, back up a couple of steps, and, if she’s still providing the opportunity, escalate again in a few minutes. If she doesn’t want you to try again, she wouldn’t keep giving you the opportunity.

Lastly, be aware that some PUAs have a lot of success with women by intentionally pushing women out of their comfort zone, and then backing off if they get some resistance. This can be very powerful, and while it will put off some women, it will be effective with far more: the DHV you get from the confidence usually far outweighs any small amount of discomfort she feels. This requires some careful calibration and experience to get right, though.

Seduction and Kino

Much of the seduction-phase kino is simply doing more of what you’ve been doing, bringing things to a more sexual level by moving closer to the overtly sexual parts of a woman’s body. If you keep escalating with two-steps forward, one-step back, escalate confidently, and are aware of her reactions, you’ll do fine.

One word of warning, however. As a rule of thumb, it’s often a bad idea to escalate to seduction-level kino (heavy making out and groping) unless you’re at a location where you can actually have sex. This is because when things cool off, a woman will then know that if she gets into a seduction location with you, you’re likely to have sex. This destroys her plausible deniability and brings up her anti-slut defense, making it harder to get her to a seduction location.

But don’t get sidetracked by these small dangers. Escalate kino, confidently, at nearly every opportunity and your results will skyrocket!

Mid Game

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Mid-game is the most poorly understood, and poorly discussed aspects of game. This is particularly a problem because it is, in fact, one of the most important parts of game.

Mid-game is far, far more important than opening – and yet you’ll find tons of material on opening, and shockingly little on mid-game. Beginners will ask question after question about openers or early-set routines, not noticing that they’ve been opening girls successfully for years – since long before they became aware of game – and that almost all of their mis-steps are in the mid-game. Many PUA’s have heard the phrase “The game is played in comfort” but still focus all their attention on the opening phases of game. This stops now.

Mystery (who got so many things right) got us all off on the wrong foot in his vital work “The Mystery Method.” First, he spends a tremendous amount of time talking about the first three stages of game (Opening, Attraction, and Qualification) and almost nothing on “mid game,” which he calls “comfort.”

Calling mid-game “Comfort” has led countless would-be PUAs down the wrong track. They assume, because it’s called comfort, that the goal is to make the girl as comfortable is possible. So they diffuse tension, they avoid escalation (which they worry will make the girl nervous), and they cater to the woman’s needs – and then they wonder why they keep landing in the friend zone, despite opening well, attracting well, and qualifying properly.

The first thing to let go of, when approaching the mid game, is the concept of comfort. Yes, you are making the girl comfortable with the idea of sleeping with you, reducing last-minute resistance and avoiding buyers remorse. But she’s is going to get comfortable with the idea of sleeping with you not from any attempt of yours to make her comfortable in a conventional sense, but rather merely from you consistently showing her that her initial attraction to you was not a flash-in-the-pan fluke.

In fact, trying to make the girl “comfortable” is counter-productive. If you wanted to make sure she was comfortable, after all, you wouldn’t escalate kino – what if she doesn’t want you to? – and you would diffuse tension (tension can be uncomfortable!). But you need to build sexual tension, not diffuse it. If a girl doesn’t feel sexual tension with you, you’ll land in the friend zone very quickly.

As a rule of thumb, expect it to take about seven hours from qualification to seduction. Sometimes it will take less (sometimes much less). Sometimes it takes more. But as a general guideline, know that if you’re consistently taking much longer than seven hours to get to seduction, you’re progressing too slowly and will wind up in the friend zone more often than you should.

Mystery broke down the comfort stage into three parts, C1, C2, and C3. It’s important to remember, however, that these three stages are fundamentally different from the stages of opening. In the first three stages (opening, attraction, and qualification) you are doing something different in each stage. Where C1, C2, and C3 are differentiated by your location: C1 is comfort building in the original, meeting location. C2 is comfort building in other locations where seduction is not possible, such as on a date, and C3 is comfort building at a seduction location.

The key here is that you’re fundamentally doing the same things in all phases of comfort. And what are these things?

First, you are smoothly building kino escalation with lots of casual contact, slowly escalating up to kissing, while diffusing future last-minute-resistance by taking a “two steps forward, one step back” approach.

Second, you are using text game to keep the girl hooked, while using good phone game to set up a date – which we usually refer to as a “day two” or “D2” rather than a date, because we reject the man-pursuing-woman model inherent in the word date – while maintaing your value and refusing to chase.

Third, you are building compliance by rewarding good behavior from the girl and punishing bad behavior.

Fourth, you are keeping the girl supplied with good, happy emotions and generating buying temperature spikes.

Fifth, you are developing rapport and an emotional connection.

Lastly, and most importantly, you are continuing to hit the girl’s attraction switches while remaining consistent and congruent to the image you initially presented.

That seems like a lot to juggle all at once, but most of them because quite simple with a little practice. We’ll break them all down individually in future articles so you can see how they all work.

Mid-game is a soul of game. Don’t be one of the many newbies who get bogged down in the minutiae of opening – how you handle the mid-game will determine how successful you are.

Indicators Of Interest

December 27th, 2010 by Dev Ops Leave a Comment

Indicators of interest, or IOIs, are behaviors from women which communicate – consciously or not – that the woman is attracted to the man that she’s talking to. It’s very important to a pickup artist to learn how to read these signs, because a key principle of pickup is that you must get your target attracted to you first, before you move into qualification and comfort, and IOIs are how you know when to switch gears.

Before listing some common IOIs, a few guidelines. First, be aware that IOIs that are not a response to your displays of higher value are often false. Women – consciously or not – use false IOIs to get men to pay attention to them. “Hired guns” – waitresses, bartenders, strippers, etc – often give false IOIs to get bigger tips. IOIs that you can trust occur spontaneously after your display of higher value.

When Mystery began teaching game, he suggested that you should count three IOIs before moving into qualification. That’s a little robotic, and while it’s a good starting point, real mastery is achieved when you can sense a girl’s attraction without necessarily being able to put your finger on exactly what she’s doing.

To that end, you should train yourself to recognize attraction. Next time you’re out and about, look around at the various couples. Ask yourself the following questions: “Is she into him?” and “How can I tell?” Be very literal – notice as many specific behaviors as you can. Over time, it’ll become intuitive.

But while you develop your intuition, let the following list be a guideline. All of the list below are well known IOIs:


Her body is oriented to you, despite other people being around. If her feet are pointed right at you, despite other reasonable options, that’s a very good sign.

She touches you while talking (even as little as a hand on your arm). This is a very big giveaway.

She grooms herself casually – smoothing her hair, adjusting her blouse, re-applying lipstick, etc. Playing with jewelry counts, as well.

She holds eye contact with a soft smile.

She breaks brief eye contact by looking down. (This is a very powerful one, but only if you don’t look away yourself. It might be the biggest pre-approach IOI.)

She leans into you or brushes against you. A girl knows when she “accidentally” brushes her breasts against you when walking past you. She doesn’t do it with everyone.

Her body language to you is open (shoulder’s back, arms uncrossed).

She perks up – improves her posture, maybe thrusts her chest forward – when you pay attention to her.

She leans towards you, or enters your personal space.

She exposes (perhaps “accidentally”) additional skin while you’re looking – letting her dress fall of her shoulder, or showing you flashes of “soft” skin like her neck, underarms, or the inside of her wrist.

She caresses herself, sliding a hand along her own neck or collarbone. (This is a very powerful one. It tells you something about where her mind is – she wants you to be caressing her).

She mirrors you. This is a very powerful IOI, which we’ll discuss more when we talk about comfort. But when you find a woman subconsciously mirroring your posture (holding her arms in the same way, making similar gestures, or drinking when you drink) it’s a strong sign she’s feeling powerful emotions towards you.

She plays with a straw or toothpick in her mouth while looking at you or talking to you.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good starting place. With practice, picking up on IOIs will get intuitive quickly. And remember, once you’re getting consistent IOIs, qualify the girl and move into mid-game.

Good luck!