Ever hear the phrase, “The game is played in comfort?”

This is a staple of PUA lore, but it’s unclear to most reforming AFCs. Since middle-game is poorly covered in Mystery’s seminal work, new students are often left confused.

Mystery touches on it, when he talks about “bait-hook-reel-release”, but it was Mehow who really broke down how this phase works. The idea is simple: you are slowly getting a woman to display greater amounts of compliance with your requests.

But what is compliance? Compliance, in practical terms, is the woman doing what you want her to be doing. When you open a girl, and she talks back to you, she’s complying. When she accepts your kino she’s complying. When you tell her to give you her palm for a reading, and she does, she’s complying. If you squeeze her hand while you’re holding it, and she squeezes back, etc, etc. There are infinite variations.

The first key to generating compliance is simple: You reward good behavior and you punish bad behavior. This is one of the most important rules of pickup. When she does something good (paying attention to you, kissing you back, returning a phone call) you reward her by reciprocating. Similarly, when she does something bad, you punish her.

It is important to scale your reward or punishment to the same intensity of her good or bad behavior. That is to say, if she’s looking around the bar when you want her to be talking to you, you disengage slightly and pay less attention to her, too.

That’s the starting point, but there’s more to it than that. You want her to be working for your approval. She demonstrates that desire for your approval by complying with your requests, but to keep her working for it, more is required. That’s where the “release” in bait-hook-reel-release comes from. You bait the girl by getting her attention in some way, you hook her by getting her to comply, you reel her in by rewarding her with positive emotions, and then you release her.

You give her a playful little push away. Nothing hard – you don’t want to punish her. You just make it clear that she has to continue to work for your approval. This maintains your value and keeps the attraction level high: you don’t want to be the guy who starts flattering the woman constantly the moment she gives him the time of day. This comes off as needy and weak, it destroys attraction, and your target will quickly start manipulating you.

She deserves to be rewarded is she isolates with you, tells you something substantial about herself, initiates or reciprocates kino, qualifies herself, displays a strong interest in you, makes plans to spend more time with you, or jumps through your hoops.

You reward her with kino, and sort of interactive routine (magic, future projections, palm reading, etc), and compliments. But be aware that compliments only work if she has worked for you. Otherwise, you’re giving her too much value and she knows she has the upper hand.

Good basic releases are breaking eye contact, focusing on her friend for a moment, going to the bathroom, rejecting her kino or teasing her for it, getting a drink or going to the bathroom. Little phrases like, “No way!” and “I can’t even talk to you now!” work. “I can’t believe you just said that,” or, “That’s it, we can’t hang out any more!” are also good releases.

How do you bait her and reel her in? Well, that’s up to you – it’s about the connection you develop with her, the ways you have of displaying value, and the things that are interesting about you. What are your DHVs? What attraction switches are you good at hitting? Every pickup artist has their own set of DHVs – use yours!

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