David Wygant - Date To Win

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Subject Area: Becoming a natural and deep inner game.

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This awesome guide by David Wygant dispels all the old pickup artist myths and cliches about openers and routines. Instead he focuses on making real self-improvements, increasing self-confidence and how to transform yourself into a fearless, natural, charismatic man that women really want to be with.

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So you’ve got the hot girls number from the club and now you’re on easy street. Just ring or text her in the next day or two and you’ve got yourself a date, right? Wrong. What you have to understand is that girl may have given her number out to three or four guys over the last few weeks, so you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Not sure how to do this?

Let David Wygant, one of the world’s top seduction experts, give you all the tools you need to become “that guy” with his innovative new eBook Date To Win.

For most of us men, meeting the right girl usually equates to meeting the hottest girl. We generally think with our lower brain than the one in our head, if you get my drift. This is more to feed our egos than anything else and really stops the search for the RIGHT girl dead in its tracks.

Let David Wygant change all that. Learn how your daily routine is always filled with the type of women you should want to date and four simple ways to take advantage of these opportunities that appear everyday.

Think you’re always dressed to impress and have a killer fashion sense? Let Wygant show you how with just two simple changes to your wardrobe, you will immediately attract more women in your day-to-day life. I’m not joking it really is that easy!

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Let’s be honest, whether you’re a novice with girls or an experienced dater, we all have a little fear and nerves when first approaching the woman of our dreams. Do you ever stop to think how she feels? As she sees you walking over, what is she thinking? Simply put, women share exactly the same fears as you.

Wygant teaches how to use that fear to approach and succeed every time by putting both of you at ease from the very outset. There is nothing worse than starting the conversation off where BOTH of you are a little lost for words. It becomes uncomfortable and awkward and her embarrassment will not want her in that situation again, so you’ve blown your chance. However, with Wygant’s guidance, you’ll learn how to make the “approach” situation so comfortable for both you and the girl that she will be instantly attracted to you.

Once the initial approach is mastered, you will learn an amazingly easy way to never run out of things to say and then how to master the art of flirting in a simple step that just involves watching other people! Learn how using props, whether that be a digital camera or a magic trick, is by far the easiest way to put a girl at ease and have her sights set on you right from the start.

You’ll have her laughing from the outset with your various uses for these props and you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine! Once her friends see her having a ball, their intrigue rises and when they become interested in you too, your intended target literally will not be able to get enough of you.

There is so much mind-blowing information in David Wygant’s Date To Win e-book, it really is an essential purchase if you are serious about taking your dating prowess to the next level.