David Wygant - Fearless Code

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Subject Area: Becoming a natural, deep inner game.

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Rating: 8.5/10

A blueprint on how to become fearless with women from approaching, to talking, to hanging out, this product has got everything you need to instill you with the deepest inner game and to become what is known as a natural — someone who is naturally calm, cool and of course successful with women.

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We’ve all got at least one friend that after consuming a few drinks, seems to fearlessly approach any woman he takes a shine to. You all openly admire him, but inside, you’re secretly envious. You really shouldn’t be and here’s why. His confidence is purely born out of too much alcohol and bravado. He is merely faking confidence to gain approval from his peers and in reality he lacks confidence just like you.

The next time you’re out, take a look around the bar and you’ll notice a small handful of guys, effortlessly chatting to women, sipping on a beer in a totally sober state. These are the guys that are naturally confident and fearless around any woman, whom YOU should really be envious of. But thanks to dating guru David Wygant, you could be one of these guys in a matter of weeks, after watching his mind-blowing set of DVD training modules. Wygant reveals in ‘The Fearless Code’ how you can easily become THAT guy who walks up to any woman with total ease. With his exclusive 3-step technique, you’ll permanently get rid of fear and approach anxiety.

Ok wow, but I never know the right thing to say after approaching and normally get laughed away. Not anymore. Learn exactly the right things to say on approach and the ensuing conversation. A fine line between trying to be too cool and too funny lies in wait, but Wygant will show you in detail how to smash it every time.

We’ve all been there. Seen a smoking hot girl in a bar, thought about how to approach for a while, bottled it and tried it on with someone that your confidence determines is ‘in your league’. You’re just an ordering form away from never letting this happen again. Learn how to become the selector – the guy who can walk directly up to any hot girl you are most attracted to and know instantly how to connect with her. A woman’s mind is made up pretty shortly after meeting whether you’ll be boyfriend, friend or neither! Head into this situation fearlessly, armed with the right body language and conversational skills and she’ll be asking YOU on a date.

My favourite part of the series is his in depth skills in the art of attraction momentum. How many times have you got home from a night out and kicked yourself for not getting that girls number, not asking her on a date or sliding away from any future contact with her just because your confidence stepped in the way. After watching ‘The Fearless Code’ you’ll know how to seize on any opportunity during the conversation to get her number, a second date or even take her home that night. Knowing how and when to say the right things to attract a woman is an art form, of which you can be a master within weeks!

For the 99% of guys out there who find approaching women a painful experience (and that includes your drunken, fake confident friends!), ‘The Fearless Code’ truly is a must purchase. They say confidence is the key to success and once you join the 1% of naturally confident guys out there that have so much success with women, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t buy this box set sooner.