David Wygant - Guys Guide To Texting

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Subject Area: Flirting and general text game to keep her interested.

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Rating: 7.1/10

This is the definitive guide on how to effectively pickup girls via texting, how to spark their interest, generate attraction and generally come across as the confident and playful guy that all girls want to be with!

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So you’ve got the phone number, now what? It’s the age-old dilemma of waiting for the right time to contact your new acquaintance. But when do you call, or should you text instead and how long is too long?

The highly respected dating coach David Wygant answers all those questions and more in this easy guide to texting your female friends.

Wygant’s brilliant audio guide tackles the issues faced by men as text messaging has becomes an instrumental form of communication and thus increasingly important in relationships.

The Guy’s Guide to Texting is a direct audio file to turn you into a more confident ‘texter’. It covers all your queries and misgivings about texting and teaches you with real-life examples of Wygant’s own experiences with successful texts, and will tell you what the responses were.

So, the primary part of this CD is David Wygant taking you through his texting Dos and Don’ts while pointing out what the most important things areas of conversation are and general etiquette when texting her for the first time.

What’s special about the program is the way in which Wygant highlights certain principles to follow. Whether it be the art of the voicemail message and not talking for too long or the classic flirtatious text that sets the hearts racing. Many men get caught up in these issues to Wygant sets things straight and get a clear guide imprinted in your head.

As I previously mentioned earlier, Wygant’s unique selling point is his past experiences and he draws on these to help the introverts become extroverts in his unique Wygant style. In his case studies he looks at examples of men meeting women and he analyses their pitfalls and successes. He takes you through step-by-step to ensure you gain all the knowledge needed to communicate with women in a confident yet relaxed manner. While doing so, Wygant constantly talks about what point you are in your relationship and how comfortable you are with this person which is great as it avoids the dreaded line-crossing that many men do when they start seeing a girl.

The most original feature of the audio series was it dealt with an area of concern that is untouched in dating services – the infamous call after sex. I mean, we’ve all been there you’ve gone out on a nice date and get lucky enough to spend the night. But then the waiting game begins. Who calls/texts first, what do you say? It’s probably the most awkward time in a relationship and Wygant strips it of all the difficulty in this simple guide.

The thing about this amazing CD is that it highlights the fact that texting in this modern age plays a major part in developing a new relationship and taking the formality away from it; making it more playful, teasing and fun, and this is exactly what Wygant talks up.

The telling difference with other texting tips is where they will lead you up to getting the relationship to the physical stage; Wygant goes beyond it and coaches us through the steps to take afterwards. Not a lot of people know how to deal with this situation and the CD gives you some new innovative ideas and makes you realise how texting can help to smooth the early stages of a relationship. There are no gimmicks, no generic texts and he doesn’t spoon-feed you – Wygant makes you realise that every relationship is different and should be treated this way. It’s the kind of practical hands-on material that should be a given in all relationship and dating advice products.

That’s not all. In addition to the CD, the package also contains a printed PDF version of the audio, so that you can view all of the text messages that Wygant uses in his commentary. There is also a free bonus feature which gives access to one of Wygant’s recent online webinars that discusses the Guy’s Guide to Texting. This is a 45 minute treat that responds to any additional questions Wygant received from early users of Guy’s Guide to Texting!

Wygant’s website also provides avid listeners with several other helpful features, including sign-up for a free weekly email newsletter, a dating blog with useful posts from any area of dating and access to a whole host of free videos. All of which will help you really succeed in your dating life.