David Wygant - The Art of Close

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Subject Area: Pick up right through to maintaining relationships.

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Rating: 8.4/10

A step by step guide on how to close with great results, having great dates, building and maintaining awesome relationships. This literally takes you from saying hello all the way through to keeping her intrigued and having YOUR dream relationship.

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So, you’ve taken your dream girl on a first date, it went well and now you feel on a real high. The hard work is done, right? Wrong. This is the equivalent to good build-up play in a football game, the cross has come in from the winger and now it’s up to you to score the vital goal! In the world of dating, this is called the art of close, something most of us men suck at. But this can be a thing of the past now thanks to David Wygant’s no-holds-barred “The Art Of Close” box set.

Want to learn how to succeed 100% of the time when going in for the all important first kiss? Wygant, one of the world leaders in the dating game, will show you the exact science of leaving a girl wanting, no begging, for more. You’ll become so attractive to her she’ll be gushing about you to her friends and family in no time.

It’s always hard to stay in control of your nerves when you start dating a real hottie. Not surprisingly, coming across as an unconfident, jabbering wreck isn’t the best look. Learn how to take control of every situation, becoming the alpha male that she’ll become instantly attracted too, without coming across as arrogant. Remember, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance and learning the difference is vitally important to your success.

Show me a man that says he has no nerves when moving a relationship to the next level and I’ll show you a liar! The Art Of Close will explain, point by point, exactly how to escalate sexually without freaking her out, or coming across like a desperate, needy creep or a player. Tell me you never misread signals….and I’ll show you another liar right in front of the mirror! You’ll be taught when to go in for the kill and how to execute it, leaving her hot all over.

Another great dating lesson Wygant explains fully that most of us guys don’t even register, is putting thought into a date is what really turns a girl wild. In the box set, you’ll find some out of the box ideas that won’t cost much, but the end results will be priceless! You’ll have so much fun together, that she’ll be saying “yes” to that second date faster than you can say “I’m now an expert in the art of close!”

Learn that sometimes less is more. Giving away too much of your dating past isn’t always a good idea. Being honest is one thing, but every girl loves a bit of mystery. And if you have quite a colourful dating past, although she may find it amusing at first, in the long run it will play on her mind and ultimately may cost you your end goal.

The Art Of Close box set is for every guy, no matter what end of the dating spectrum you’re from. Whether shy and unconfident or a full on player (yes, these guys struggle with closing too as girls can read all men like open books!) let David Wygant literally increase your chance of the perfect close by 100%!