David Wygant - Undercover Approaches

Review by BestPUATraining.com

Subject Area: When, where and how to approach women successfully.

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Rating: 9.1/10

In this must have box set David Wygant reveals all his closest secrets on how to approach women. He doesn’t only teach you the how, but also the where and the when, all of which are important parts of approaches that work. If you want to approach women with confidence, then we highly recommend this product.

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We’ve all watched, usually in a half-drunken state, a guy walk up to a hot girl in a club, chat for a few minutes then the next thing you know, they start kissing. How did this happen? It doesn’t to you, right? What could he have possibly said for her to be so attracted to him straight off the bat? Want to know? Then learn from the master of attraction, David Wygant, in his strictly hands on DVD box set ‘Undercover Approaches Women Crave.’

Wygant has literally mic’d himself up and given us a firsthand and personal view of how easy it really is to approach women once you know how. Are you sometimes sceptical of these so-called dating guru’s. Can they really be as good as they say they are? Can you really learn the art of picking up women just through watching a DVD? Well in this case it’s a big fat YES!

You’ll watch and listen to Wygant approach women everywhere – from taxi stands to grocery stores, coffee houses to parks and learn that every situation can be as easy as the next after applying the tools given on this DVD. Not only this, but he’ll also show you the best days, times and even parts of these places that will give you the highest rate of scoring. Apart from doing it for you, he really has put it all on a plate and served it up with herbs!

Now you may think pulling a girl on the way to work or in your lunch break only happens in the movies. Think again. You’ll learn how to chat to a woman in line at a coffee shop and have her twirling her hair with attraction in only a couple of minutes. Be taught that subtle changes to your voice tone and pace of a conversation can turn a woman from seeing you as just a friendly lunchtime chat into a definite boyfriend or future sexually partner.

Want to know 20 of the best places to meet women? How about 20 of the best opening approaches that guarantee success? It all sounds too good to be true, but this isn’t your average box set.

So why do all the above techniques work? Wygant does some mastery in depth analysis of each of his approaches and explains his actions and words so you fully understand the game plan before you test the field. And don’t worry you won’t be left to just copy everything that has been shown to you on the DVD. Jeez, there would be nothing worse than thousands of guys trying out exactly the same thing now would there! Learn how to make each interaction your own by understanding the underlying psychology so you can do everything in your own style.

The ‘Undercover Approaches Women Crave’ box set is truly the first of its kind. Seeing a worldwide dating guru in action is the equivalent of getting front row tickets to the basketball. Whether you’re a nervous beginner or a seasoned pro, you could learn so much from this tutorial, you’d be crazy to miss out!