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You’ve been admiring the hot new girl in the office for a couple of weeks and now it’s time to approach. As you walk towards her at the water cooler your heart is thumping and your mind is going over time.

You’ve rehearsed what you were going to say, but all of a sudden, it sounds ridiculous in your own head. Panic sets in and you do a swift right turn and head to the photocopier instead, kicking yourself that you are unable to even talk to her.

With David Wygant’s brilliant new audio set, What’s Your Excuse, this type of scenario will become a thing of the past.

If you haven’t already heard of David Wygant, he is known as America’s most quoted dating expert and it has been said that he is the real-life inspiration for the film Hitch. High praise indeed and after listening to this audio set, you’ll understand why he is so respected in his field. Learn a powerful series of questions and techniques that will allow you to “trick” your brain into stopping the excuse making process.

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Excuses not to approach girls come from a number of shortcomings you feel within. Whether that be your looks, your height, your income, clothes or whatever. Wygant will teach you that every guy has a natural excuse killer inside that will wipe away whatever is holding him back.

It’s just a matter of tapping into it, so you stop your inner doubt. Once you’ve learnt this in a few simple steps, approaching women, asking them out or even kissing them will become a breeze.

Wygant’s theory is simple but so effect and this audio set is a real life changer. Think about it – why do you NEVER approach that girl you want? It’s always your brain basically trying to protect you. “You’ll get rejected. Rejection hurts and avoiding pain is good.” So before you’ve even begun, you’ve failed. Let Wygant tap into this excuse making part of your brain and turn all those negative thoughts into positives with some simple step-by-step instructions.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed and Wygant does not make that claim. Sure you’ll still get rejected once in a while, but by short-circuiting the excuse making process, you’ll find it happens less and less and more importantly, you’ll be getting multiple dates now you have the confidence to approach women. It’s a win-win situation.

Being great with women isn’t all about what chat up lines you have or routines you can lay down once you start talking to girls. It’s more about having that inner-confidence that spills out and makes the girl feel comfortable and at ease in your company.

What’s Your Excuse will delve into exactly why you find it hard to approach females, what it is that stops you from interacting and help find a way out of your self-doubting. Once you figure this out, your success with the opposite sex will increase tenfold and any negativity you previously had will be truly eroded. Just follow Wygant’s trusted advice and techniques on this audio set and you’ll turn your love life around within weeks.