David Deangelo - Attraction Isnt A Choice

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Subject Area: Inner-Game, Approaching-Girls, Body Language.

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Rating: 7/10

A popular book choice amongst the new pick up artist is ‘Attraction Isnt A Choice’ as it teaches un-conventional wisdom. Most people will tell you attraction is all about looks (which I used to believe). This book tells us what women are attracted to.

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Attraction Isn’t a Choice is my favourite book from Deangelo’s collection. It’s my favourite because it is thought provoking, and tells the unknown truth. I always believed that attraction was all about how someone looked. Not anymore.

All the good looking guys would always get the best looking girls, and that was the sad truth for me last year. Us normal looking, less-than-model-like, average Joe’s would just get whatever was left over at the end of the night. The hunks get first pickings because good looking men attract good looking women and sadly, average attracts average.

No wonder I never approached pretty girls in bars. I wrote myself off as not being ‘on their level’ of attractiveness. Anyway, I have spent the last year reading all there is on how to get girls, how to appear more attractive, how to groom myself and make the most of my average features.

But there is only so many times you can trim your stubble and moisturize your face isn’t there? And still, I didn’t feel like I could get the girl. There were no results.

Nothing has unravelled the secret of being attractive the way this book does – and the funniest thing is, how attractive physically you are has very little to do your overall attractiveness…as long as you know how to be attractive. It sounds confusing I know, but attractive on the outside and actually being attractive are two different things, and this book reveals how to get it right.

The Attraction Isn’t a Choice eBook teaches you all you need to know about how women naturally react to behaviours put on by men. It tells all about the behaviours that shout ‘attractive’ and ‘successful’ and how to get you the girl.

Ever glanced around a busy bar and nine times out of ten it will be text book; hot man attracts hot girl. But then, there will be that one rare species of guy, who looks like the majority of us, nothing particularly special about him and rough round the edges, but who is surrounded by gorgeous women.

They love him! This man knows how to be attractive regardless of how he looks, through his personality, charm and confidence.

The book teaches you how to embrace body language that makes you into this man, regardless of how you look. You will shine.

How many times have you been given the advice, to just be yourself? But you know, sometimes being yourself just doesn’t cut it. We all need a little guidance from time to time. We all need a little extra TLC and new tips from the experts in order to master things. No one’s perfect, but there’s everything to gain from a few little improvements.

Now I know how to appear attractive in crowds of gorgeous ladies, worry free. I have programmed myself to be that super-attractive bloke, in a way that women can’t resist because like the book says, attraction is not a choice, but a science.

The book gives tips on that cheeky, cocky comedy which has women snorting with laughter. You’ll also learn Alpha-male behaviours such as voice tone and strong postures which can’t be ignored. Unconsciously, women know who is boss in a crowded room.

I’ve got to admit, the book slept with me for a week and it didn’t all sink in at once. But each time I read it I learnt something new, practicing the techniques came easier and soon it become second nature to look and act confident.

Attraction Isn’t a Choice has changed the way I view women, I’m no longer struggling for dates and I’m no longer scared of making an idiot of myself because it just doesn’t happen like that anymore. Cannot recommend it enough.