David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Ebook

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Subject Area: Self-Confidence, Approaching, Talking on Dates.

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Double Your Dating is a great little ebook for beginner pick up artists. The information in this guide will lay the foundations for your endeavours in the future and ensure you never forget the basic skills when looking for dates.

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Dating is tricky at the best of times, we all know it. The hunt for pretty girls’ telephone numbers, the endless small talk and second guessing over when to call, where to eat and what to say is frightening if it doesn’t come naturally. And then of course, there is rule number one: Never be too keen. Followed closely by rule number two! Never play it too cool, or she’ll forget you ever existed.

Successful dating is a catch-22 situation; the more you date, the more confidence you get with women, the more you shine and the more attractive you become. But first you need that date.Your not-so-reliable dating diary might appear to be ticking along nicely. But on closer inspection, you haven’t approached anyone new in over six months and things are drying up.

Panic sets in. You are out of practice with women and full of anxiety. You look to your friends who are wall-to-wall busy with new girls each week, and wonder how do they do it?There is no way you want to keep settling for old and used flames, when you know there are plenty of new fish out there to be had? You want a stream of new fish. You want something exciting. Something gorgeous. Something perfect.

So what is a guy to do? Double Your Dating by David Deangelo is an e-book with all the answers. Every man’s aim is to be able to get the girl he wants every time, and keep them coming back. This book locks into how to do this simply and stress free.

Ever wanted to know what to say to a woman on first approach? Double Your Dating will teach you the one subject you must use to build deep rapport, making her engrossed from the first second.It genuinely does work. The program will show you one single super technique that will allow you to keep control of every conversation. Never again will you worry about girls losing interest in what you have to say.

Double Your Dating will teach you how to let your inner cynic and frightened wimp diminish from you completely – as well as giving simple tips on how to get a girl’s number in just two minutes.For keen players who want to date the most intelligent, funny and beautiful women, it is essential you learn what does and doesn’t work.

If you often worry about running out of things to say, then you needn’t anymore. DeAngelo reveals unmatched amounts of excellent tips that will get you talking yourself into a host of rewarding relationships. Learn why the “panic attack” feeling happens on approaching a new women and how to control and erase this from your mind.

I read the whole thing in a day, and now use it simply to dip into whenever I need a little boost. By the time you have read it fully once, you will understand your role as a man, how to be a conversation leader and how to appeal 100% to the opposite sex.

The negative beliefs you hold about yourself are picked-up by the world around you, including by woman. Deangelo explains in detail how to overcome these insecurities and will teach you how to develop your own powerful and positive mindset.

As for the belief that women are the more superficial of the two sexes – let that go. This book teaches how to rely on everything except your looks to get a date. This book lists the personality traits that women are attracted to, and how to master important skills, such as body language, conversation and charm.

If this seems too good to be true, believe me it isn’t. Everything in this book can be learnt by anyone. All you need is the ability to read, a willingness to try and a determination to succeed in your quest to Double Your Dating.