David Deangelo - Interviews With Dating Gurus

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Subject Area: Dating Training, Talking to Women, Pickup Routines.

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The monthly subscription (cancel any time) features a monthly CD piece from a proven PUA or Psychologist. These routines offer demonstrations of successful pick-ups and break the communication down into important dating concepts.

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If you want something bad enough, you’ve got to learn from the expert’s right? It’s like wanting to be a pilot and going to a sailor. The sailor can teach you how to sail, but doesn’t know peanuts about planes. You need the pilot right? You want the man with the knowledge. You want lesson from the master.

Can you imagine having a best friend, a great guy who likes to share all of his wealth of wisdom with you at the drop of a hat? Imagines that friend was a dating guru. You would pay the earth to get this guy’s mind on how to do well with women, wouldn’t you? Well now you don’t have to pay the earth.

For a small price – in my view – you can have this friend on your doorstep (or in your inbox!) quicker than you can say FIND ME A DATE!

Can you feel my excitement at finding this? I mean seriously, David DeAngelo has done all the hard work for us. He has interviewed all these dating-heroes, found out all their gory secrets, and is now giving that over to you and me.

It is amazing to hear from real people, who have lived most men’s dream of being real dating gurus. Their real life stories on a page.

Buying this little gem gives you all the advice you need to get by in the tough world of dating multiple women. It sounds so cheesy, but these men really know what they’re talking about. They break it down into small chunks and simplify the techniques that worked best for them.

You must have had that daunting feeling when seeing a new girl that maybe they won’t like you and maybe they will think you suck at chat up lines and that you are trying too hard to impress. Well these guys have been there, and that makes it all so reassuring.

There is still hope, even for the worst of us!

They have been there, and yet they have still prevailed to become true legends in their field. This eBook showed me that there isn’t just one approach to the scary world of women. A lot of dating ‘manuals’ make out that there is one way to do things. That if you don’t do it their way, you fail.

But these men prove that dating is actually a skill which is as rewarding as it is varied. They all come from very different backgrounds and have each been on their own personal journey to finally peak.

It was a friend who recommended this eBook to me. He told me that these men taught him more with their real life stories and no-nonsense communication than he had learnt from all the dating books in his library at home.

They’re straight talking. They make it clear that there isn’t a precise and ridged formula involved, but tips which each bloke will try and test themselves and work out a way that works best for them. A way that feels most comfortable, then build from there.

It’s majorly sickening to say, but these guys taught me that meeting women is a bit of a journey. It’s easy sometimes to think that you need to be great at it straight away. But yeah, you’ll try some things and they won’t work first time. You’ll be gutted, but then you try them again, and they feel a little bit better. Before suddenly you are doing them without even thinking.

I used to think that these gurus were just born with a natural knack at being great. Given some kind of Godly gift that was stripped away from us mere mortals! But that’s not true. They’re sharing their tips for the first time and I would advise anyone to take full advantage.

I have learnt a lot from these men, from how to best approach women, how to control nerves and how to seal that all important deal and walk away with the number.