David Deangelo - On Being A Man

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Subject Area: Appropriate Behaviour, Alpha Control, Pulling.

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Many of us can forget what kind of a man a woman wants. David Deangelo suggests that we can be a lads lad and a woman’s man at the same time if we play our strategies correctly. Learn how to be a proper alpha male in this great course.

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Women are the more sophisticated and gentle of the two sexes, and so deserve to be treated with an element of sophistication. I have learnt that men must display that old-fashioned chivalry that your dad taught you in order to become a babe magnet amongst one-in-a-million type of women.

No girl wants a man who treats her like he treats everyone else – including his mates. She wants to have someone open doors, compliment her, listen to her and take an interest in what she is all about. Make her feel different.

For a lot of us, this is tricky. Being masculine and being around the guys (especially when going through a dating drought), we’re accustomed to being ‘blokish’. May be we spend too much time massaging our egos, acting selfishly, burping loudly and making crude jokes at inappropriate times.

This was me. No wonder girls steered clear. They didn’t want to be treated like a man. They wanted to be complimented on how great they are as women. David DeAngelo’s latest eBook On Being a Man changed my outlook completely.

Like many, the break up of my last relationship sent my head into a bit of a spin and also made me review my rather lax behaviour towards my girls in general. I never paid my ex much attention towards the end. I didn’t give her compliments.

I used to miss even the simple things, like ordering her a drink in bars and paying for taxis home. It’s no surprise that she had enough and left.

I needed a pick-me-up. I needed to retrain my brain to act differently towards women, and get back some of the good behaviours my dad passed down from generations before him. There is no doubt about it, us guys like to be rugged and tough-men around the lads.

That’s what we do. We push and shove each other, we eat our body weight in burgers and drink ourselves into oblivion. But is this attractive?

No way!

These are bad habits, and won’t get you dating again. Or if it does get you dating again, you will only get the girls who act just as blokish as you. This behaviour might make you feel big and strong for a short period, it might get you back in with the guys after your tough break up, but it wont help your chances of ever finding a girl to date. Trust me.

Anyway, this book taught me all about balance. Yeah, I can go out with the lads occasionally and re-live my teenage days of being a doofus. But I now know when to turn it on and off. The eBook taught me to attract women again through simple strategies.

I had to change a lot of basic masculine behaviours like passing wind aloud and dominating everything. But strangely, I never lost my masculinity in letting these things go.

If anything, becoming less masculine in ‘boyish’ terms made me feel more masculine in front of the ladies. They loved that I wasn’t spending my life down the pub with the boys, wasting away in front of the TV and eating crap, swearing or acting selfishly and sexist. They loved even more that I knew how to treat them. Talking and relating to women became easier. And I learnt to respect them.

All of this new-age stuff, saying that women want to be treated on par with men is only half true. Whilst they want your respect, they also love being seen and respected as the fairer sex. This book will get you in touch with what women want from their men. You want to become better at being a man?

You want to be what women want? Then read this book, seriously. It can change a couch potato in to a dating guru, and the women will reward you kindly for it.