Freeze Outs

Freeze-outs are one of the most powerful, but hardest to apply, weapons in your PUA arsenal. There are times when applying them is going to require balls of steel. Nevertheless, they are a very important – sometimes necessary – tool, and if you don’t learn how to judiciously apply them, your results will not be as good as they could be.

There are two primary types of freeze-out. There is a freeze-out when a girl is not being sufficiently responsive to your attempts to set up a day two, and there is a freeze-out used to bust last-minute resistance. We will address both of these separately.

When a girl is not being responsive to your attempts to set up a D2, you must take a big step back. You need to not call her, text her, email her, “like” her status on facebook, or anything along those lines. The best thing you can do is to just go ahead and live your life. (This is a good reason to have more than one girl at a time that you’re gaming – this way you can find easy ways to be busy, and not call the non-responsive target).

It is very important that, if she ever gets in touch with you, or if you run into each other, or if you call her again a few weeks later and actually talk to her, that you do not make her feel bad for not getting back to you. If you guilt-trip her in any way, you will undercut the power of your freeze-out. Instead, your frame must always be that you barely noticed that she hadn’t gotten back to you.

If she apologizes unprompted, that’s a good sign, but brush it off like you didn’t even notice.

LMR-busting freeze-outs are harder. Every fiber of your being will tell you not to use this technique – until you experience it’s power. It’s really simple. At some points during kino escalation – often when you go to take off her underwear, but at other times, too – she’ll make you stop. This is “last-minute resistance” – a very common problem based on a fear women have before having sex with someone for the first time.

For most of our history, sex meant pregnancy, and pregnancy carried a non-trivial risk of death (about 1 in 1000 as recently as a hundred years ago). Even if she survived pregnancy, she would be basically helpless for over a year, requiring you to provide for her. In those circumstances, women naturally experience a fear that is similar to, but many times stronger than, what we feel before approaching a woman. Evolution hasn’t caught up to birth control and modern medicine yet.

If you’re practicing good kino escalation – two steps forward and one step back – usually you can advance again in a few minutes, and get around LMR that way. However, sometimes, she’ll make it clear that she’s not having it.

This is where you really need balls of steel. What you simply do is stop making out with her. Maybe you check your email. Or pick up a book and start browsing. However, it’s very important that you do not seem bitter, angry, or disappointed. If she questions you about your behavior, you must be very clear with your response. The slightest bit of petulance will be a major DLV.

Instead, you are unaffected, but you simply tell her that your arousal circuitry really only works in the on- or off- position. You just don’t enjoy the feeling of going halfway, so you’d rather stop things. Maybe give her a light peck on the cheek to show you aren’t upset with her. Then you lean back and let her come to you. If you manage it right, she usually will.

It’s very hard to walk away from a girl mid-makeout, but that’s where the power of this technique comes from. You can bet most other guys haven’t done this with her.

Try it next time you face some last-minute resistance – and watch the results.

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