Jealousy Tactics

Preselection is one of the most powerful attraction switches there is. The more success with women you have, the more that will feed on itself. But this has a dark side: jealousy.

Jealousy can be a powerful weapon. Not only are you using preselection, but you’re also taking advantage of a fundamental truth of human nature: we pursue that which retreats from us. You never want anything so badly as you do the moment you realize that maybe you won’t be able to get it.

Some PUA sites recommend the strong use of jealousy plotlines, constantly using stories about other women to keep your target on edge. However, this can backfire. If you don’t calibrate it perfectly, then your target may assume you’re not interested or start hitting you back with jealousy plotlines of her own… and now you’re on a tightrope, where one mis-step could reveal your entire edifice of stories as nothing more than a charade, destroying your value. (I’ve seen it a dozen times on the message boards: a guy brags about his jealousy plotline, then collapses when she doesn’t return his call right away, or goes out with another guy.) Jealousy plotlines are playing with fire.

Instead, the best way to use jealousy for you is to keep your life full and interesting, and to genuinely be pursuing multiple women at once. Don’t go out of your way to tell your target about the other women in your life when you first start seeing each other … but don’t hide the other women from her, either. If your life is naturally full of women – as it will be, is you learn to apply the techniques you’ve been learning on this site – then your target will constantly feel that she has to be willing to work for you or risk losing you.

Not because of a “tactic” – but because she actually does! Because you have other high-quality options, and you’re only interested in the best. You’re not running a jealousy plotline, you’re living your life in such a way as that lots of women would want to be a part of it.

This also prevents you from getting too fixated on any one target too quickly, before she’s proven herself to you that she’s genuinely worth your time and energy. (Being too committed too quickly is one of the biggest value-killers out there).

So it’s fine to invite multiple girls you’re interested in to a party you throw. It’s fine to let them hear about each other. You don’t need to hide the lipstick one left on your mail table from the other ones. But don’t manipulate it, and always maintain tact: if you tell one girl stories of all the others, she’s assume you’re telling them stories about her, too.

And it’s one thing for a girl to leave her lipstick on your mail table, but something else entirely for her to leave her earrings on your bedside table. You want your target to feel like she has to work for you, but not that she’s just another girl you’re trying to bang.

Good luck!

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