Kino Escalation

Kino escalation is probably the single most important aspect of game. It is also one of the biggest sticking points aspiring PUAs trip over. Proper kino escalation begins with the very first stages of a set, and it – obviously – continues and builds slowly all through the set, culminating in sex and even post-coital behavior.

Touching a woman sends powerful signals. It says that you’re confident and comfortable with yourself. It says that you’re not worried about scaring her off. It says that physicality is a natural and normal part of your life. All that adds up to another benefit: it turns women on. Women like being touched calmly, confidently, by men.

If you don’t smoothly and continually escalate kino, you will find yourself in the friend zone even with women who start out highly attracted to you.

Kino Basic Principles

Confidence. Kino must be done confidently and naturally. You should never appear uncertain or unclear about what you’re doing. Whether you’re talking about your hand on her knee, giving her a hug, or a kiss close, whatever you do should be deliberate, calm, and done as if the last thing on your mind is that she might reject your kino.

Awareness. Sometimes, a woman isn’t crazy about your kino. This is okay! Kino is so important that, when you’re learning, if you don’t occasionally go slightly too far, too fast then you’re almost certainly not escalating enough! However, you must be sensitive to the subtle signals that a woman sends which say, “You just went a little too far.” When this happens, you should deliberately, back off. Don’t flinch or jerk back like a spooked rabbit, but just be aware that her comfort level has changed. It’s okay: you can, and should, escalate again later. All she’s saying to you is “not yet.”

Two steps forward, one step back. It’s vitally important to build kino slowly and unevenly. If you’re touching her in a way that she likes, do it for a moment … then stop! Back up. A few minutes later, go forward again. Starting this pattern early reduces last-minute resistance, but more importantly is puts powerful thought in her head. If she likes your hand on her knee, and you take it away, she’s thinking, “I liked that. I want more of it.” This makes her highly receptive to your next advance. You should always be the one to disengage kino during the attraction, comfort, and seduction phases of a set.

Keep your touch light and feathery. Don’t just plop your hand on her. Let it move, stroke likely. Touch, slide, release. Let go. Everything is light, fluid, and fleeting and comfortable.

Early-Set Kino

When you first meet a girl, it’s important to establish that you’re comfortable touching her. Simple things like touching her arm with the back of your hand to emphasize a point in conversation send strong messages. Be willing to let your bodies touch if you’re talking together in a crowded club. Rest your hand on the small of her back or her hip while you talk, or on her knee if you’re seated next to each other. Never pull back from physical contact – and whenever its natural to touch, touch. Routines like palm-reading work well here, because they facilitate a lot of casual contact.

Mid-set Kino and Kiss-Closing

As the set progresses, you must confidently escalate, and your touch should become more deliberate. Whereas early-set kino can feel casual and incidental, an element of deliberateness should enter your kino here. Many aspiring PUAs get tripped up, because they get nervous, but Hypnotica has a great mantra to keep in mind: “Your hesitation equals her reservation.” The more you wait, delay, or fail to strike when the opportunity presents itself, the less receptive she will be when you finally do escalate.

Good mid-game kino is hugging, stroking the arm or the knee. Pay attention to parts of her body that aren’t strictly sexual but that don’t get a lot of attention normally – the inside of her elbows, her neck, or any part of her that doesn’t see a lot of sun.

A few words on kisses. Think of a kiss as just another form of kino. Don’t trip up by thinking it’s something categorically different from anything else. All the regular rules of kino apply. Although you can find lots of different routines online to help you kiss close, the most important thing to remember is that, when you see the opportunity – take it in a calm, confident way. Remember two steps forward, one step back, and go for it!

If your kino is rejected, don’t panic. Just relax, back up a couple of steps, and, if she’s still providing the opportunity, escalate again in a few minutes. If she doesn’t want you to try again, she wouldn’t keep giving you the opportunity.

Lastly, be aware that some PUAs have a lot of success with women by intentionally pushing women out of their comfort zone, and then backing off if they get some resistance. This can be very powerful, and while it will put off some women, it will be effective with far more: the DHV you get from the confidence usually far outweighs any small amount of discomfort she feels. This requires some careful calibration and experience to get right, though.

Seduction and Kino

Much of the seduction-phase kino is simply doing more of what you’ve been doing, bringing things to a more sexual level by moving closer to the overtly sexual parts of a woman’s body. If you keep escalating with two-steps forward, one-step back, escalate confidently, and are aware of her reactions, you’ll do fine.

One word of warning, however. As a rule of thumb, it’s often a bad idea to escalate to seduction-level kino (heavy making out and groping) unless you’re at a location where you can actually have sex. This is because when things cool off, a woman will then know that if she gets into a seduction location with you, you’re likely to have sex. This destroys her plausible deniability and brings up her anti-slut defense, making it harder to get her to a seduction location.

But don’t get sidetracked by these small dangers. Escalate kino, confidently, at nearly every opportunity and your results will skyrocket!

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