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love systemsLove Systems is the brainchild of Mystery’s student and one-time business partner Savoy. Their core approach is a practical breakdown of Mystery’s original method, with a strong emphasis on routines.

There are really two schools of pickup teaching. Those who teach foundational principles, leaving you to develop the specifics yourself, and those who focus on routines and practical decision making. Love Systems is firmly in the latter camp.

Their core work is an ebook called Magic Bullets, which is an excellent breakdown of the fundamentals of game, with a strong emphasis on the practical. This book doesn’t go very far beyond Mystery’s original teachings, but is loaded with useful practical examples, and is a great walk-thru for somebody getting started in game. It’s a better introduction to game that Mystery’s first book (“The Mystery Method,”) and the chapter on phone game consists of some of the best material written on the topic.

Additionally, they have a few other ebooks, including a very popular pair of ebooks on routines. These books are great for somebody who really needs routines to get going, but they should be used in conjunction with a more solid, theoretical background. Knowing routines for every occasion is great, but it will do you surprisingly little good if you don’t understand why you’re saying what you’re saying, and how to deliver it. So even if the Routines books are really what interest you, you’ll probably get more out of them if you read Magic Bullets or another general intro to game first.

They also offer a few videos and audio tracks, which strike me as about the standard quality for this type of material in the community. Personally, I feel like I learn better from ebooks (which are usually a better value) but a lot of people find videos and audio tracks to be an easier way to learn. What you should choose depends on how you learn best.

And, of course, Love Systems offers the usual array of live bootcamps. Their Day Game course has a particularly strong reputation, and is highly recommended for those who want daygame-specific instruction. Most schools’ bootcamps are run approximately the same way, and at just under $3,000, Love System’s bootcamps are priced consistently with industry norms. I’m not sure that bootcamps are worth it or necessary, but they’re certainly a useful resource for people who feel that they would benefit from the full-immersion experience, especially if they don’t have an experienced wing to help them.

One important note about Love Systems, however. Although they’ve stopped calling themselves “The Mystery Method,” for many years “” redirected to a Love Systems web page, as a result of a business dispute between Mystery and Savoy. Students who wish to patronize Mystery’s business should know that he now runs the “Venusian Arts” pickup company.

It’s appropriate that Savoy has stopped using Mystery’s name for his company. And it’s worth mentioning that since parting ways with his one-time mentor, Savoy has developed enough quality material that he can stand on his own two feet.

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