Love Systems - Beyond Words

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Subject Area: Comprehensive guide to day game and daytime pickup.

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Rating: 9.6/10

Most guys have the limiting belief that women can only be picked up in bars and clubs. What this eye opening series by Love systems shows is that the opposite is true. Girls can be picked up anytime, anywhere, regardless of the time of day. This is the quintessential daygame guide.

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If you’re anything like me, there will have been a time when you’ve approached a girl, got chatting and stood there awkwardly, not quite knowing what to do with yourself. Do you put your hand in your pocket to try and look cool? Do you lean in or keep your distance?

Ask any woman and they’ll tell you the way a man carries himself goes a long way. Women feed off of body language – sit there confidently and assured and a girl will see you as the powerful type who could take care of her. Be clumsy and uncomfortable in your body language and you’re heading for a life on your own.

So can body language be taught? Certainly. With Love Systems Beyond Words: The Art Of Body Language & Physical Escalation DVD set, you’ll be learning from two of the best pick up artists in the game, Cajun and Vercetti. Firstly you will learn to understand body language and how it is in fact 90% of your communication.

That’s right, 90% of what a woman first acts on is in how you carry yourself. In fact psychological experiments have proven that what you actually say and how you say it are relatively unimportant, as your body language is what makes the real difference. Get that wrong and you’re destined for failure.

We’ve all seen it. The girl playing with her hair and laughing wildly with the guy she’s talking to. You think to yourself – what’s he got that I haven’t? Presence. Nothing to do with how big or small you are just the way you command your own arena by the body language you are giving off. Vercetti teaches how to create this presence and reveals the two exact factors that go into projecting yourself in a dominant way. Learn an ancient technique used for thousands of years by monks to gain mastery over their body.

Within the program, there is such a simple concept on how to use your body language to good effect, actually used by dancers and actors, that you’ll be kicking yourself you hadn’t used it all these years. Think about it, dancers and actors need to captivate audiences with their performances all day. This is what you will learn to do in just one easy to follow step.

Ever find it hard to maintain eye contact while talking to a girl you like? Find yourself a little embarrassed a need to constantly look away? The program will teach you how to keep focused and build attraction purely through eye contact.

Then learn how to get your message across with advanced control and tonality. If you nervously fumble your way through conversations, she’ll start seeing you as the nice guy, friend material. Talk like you own the whole conversation and she’ll be drawn to your power.

Learn the 4 kinds of touch and how you can use each one to build attraction in women. Never quite sure when to go in for the all important first kiss? You’ll be taught exactly when to make your move and if she does knock you back, how you can flip this disaster around and gain control again.

Body language is something most people forget about on their way to becoming a genuine pick up artist. Most are too busy practicing openers or what routines they are going to lay down once the conversation gets going. Wrong move. How a girl reacts to you is largely down to how you carry yourself and this DVD set will teach you to master natural, charismatic, ultra-confident body language in no time at all. If you truly want to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex, then Love Systems Art Of Body Language & Physical Escalation DVD set is a must have.