Love Systems - Daytime Dating

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Subject Area: Comprehensive guide to day game and daytime pickup.

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Rating: 8.6/10

Most guys have the limiting belief that women can only be picked up in bars and clubs. What this eye opening series by Love systems shows is that the opposite is true. Girls can be picked up anytime, anywhere, regardless of the time of day. This is the quintessential daygame guide.

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The legend that is Jeremy Soul, guru of the daytime dating scene, his written a gold standard eBook, Love Systems Daytime dating, that is sure to change your love life forever.

Never had the courage to approach that girl who you made eye contact with on the way to work? Followed that cute girl down three aisles of the supermarket but were unable to muster up the courage to ask for her number? You’re not alone, but now thanks to Jeremy Soul, you’ll never have these problems again.

The three-part system he teaches is not something that will take months to put into practice. Hell, not even weeks. With Soul’s instant coaching session, you can start meeting and attracting women today! How you ask? Soul reveals the 5 secrets of inner game and how you can gain the confidence to walk up to women with ease.

Also learn the six best venues to always meet a large selection of women and a number of ways to instantly improve your daytime game. Once Soul has taught the preparation of how and where to meet, learn the next step of what to say and do. Never been good at reading signals? Learn eight undeniable signs of attraction from women who want to date. You’ll become so adept at daytime dating from this easy to follow system that trying to pick up girls in a loud bar or club will become a thing of the past!

Not sure how to pay women compliments without sounding cheesy and over interested? Learn 5 off the cuff remarks that will have any woman blushing and wanting to hear more. Once you have her eating out the palm of your hand, it’s now time to close the deal. Soul teaches the seven rules of making a girl feel comfortable with going to bed with you. In the third step of his program, learn how to get what you want with powerful psychological tips.

Fact – women enjoy sex just as much as men do, but the route they prefer to get there is different. Soul investigates the different paths men and women take to get to the ultimate goal of sex and how you can make sure both paths will lead to the forbidden fruit. Once you do get there, are you totally comfortable with how you perform when getting physical? Or are you a little awkward?

Learn 4 key stages of getting physical so that the girl will be wanting more and more. At the end of the program, Soul supplies five detailed case studies, helping you understand exactly how to apply this entire strategy and even start using it today.

Let’s be honest, however much of a player anyone really is, approaching a girl in broad daylight is daunting in itself. Love Stems Daytime Dating will give you a great deal of ammunition and information to make the experience a whole lot more comfortable. If you want a change from chatting up women in a bar or nightclub, then you could do much worse than purchasing this eBook and learning from one of the top pick up artists around.