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Subject Area: Meeting, dating and seducing.

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Rating: 8.7/10

An all in one package for successful dating, Magic Bullets contains hours of materials as well as a number of free bonuses that will teach you day game, direct game and endless tips on how to have success with women from initial approach and in relationships.

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If you have ever seen Nick Savoy, the author of seduction book Magic Bullets, on TV, you will notice how self assured, confident and may I dare say, likeable he is. This is a man that proclaims he can teach other males in the art of seducing women, but somehow manages to come across as a good guy!

Now unlike him, not all of us are very comfortable talking with the opposite sex, so I decided to invest in his book to see if his sales pitch on the Dr Phil show was in fact anything more than just another slick entrepreneur trying to make a quick buck.

What struck me initially on reading the book was that it seemed very honestly written. Savoy does not try and ram it home that his way of seduction is the only way, more that through his years of being a ladies man, he had crafted a skill that could be used by others.

Magic Bullets is a four step system and is produced in logical order. Step one teaches you the foundations from an immediate simple approach that you can go out to practice that evening to my favourite, the “No-Approach” approach designed specifically for men that are relatively shy.

Then the reader is lead into part 2, the emotional progression model. Savoy steps up the basic approach and delves into the mind of the women the reader is trying to approach. From engaging her erotic cortex, where using specific words can trigger almost instant arousal through to bagging yourself a threesome, Savoy’s confidence oozes out with every word and if truth be told, I was starting to feel the unbelievable was moving far closer to believable!

Part 3 of the book let me get my get my feet back on the ground after the thought of numerous threesomes! Some great simple tips such as the 6 best places to meet women and how to escape the dreaded “we’re just friends” zone are explored in depth and all the pieces of the seduction pie are starting to fit together.

The final part walks the reader through what to do once you’ve got the girl, from kissing right through to advanced seduction techniques. He also gives out, which this reviewer is badly in need of, some great fashion and grooming tips which will help to grab a woman’s attention straight off the bat.

Being a relative new comer to this type of training in the field of picking up women, I must say that my overall outlook has changed since reading this book. Savoy’s confident writing style and positive train of thought, coupled with his obvious expertise in the art of seduction, have certainly won this critic over. I feel that there are lots of tips and information that I can take from the book. Whether I’m going to be a hit with the ladies is yet to be seen, but I feel a whole lot more confident in my approach to the opposite sex now.