Love Systems - Relationship Management

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Subject Area: Having and maintaining awesome relationships

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Rating: 8.9/10

This hot seller from master PUA Nick Savoy gets into the fundamentals of having great relationships, where you’re happy, satisfied and completely fulfilled, having the kinds of relationships you want, all the time. Whether you’re single, married or simply dating, this box set has got something for everyone.

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Do you find it hard enough even getting a girl that once you’re in a relationship you find it impossible to keep her happy? Would you like to turn that around and have her hanging on your every word? Wanting to have threesomes and even allowing you to see other women on the side?

Does this all sound a little too good to be true? Well, with Love Systems Relationship Management DVD box set, this could be your reality!

Nick Savoy is a guru in the dating science world and with this box set he could literally change your love life forever. Learn what women want from every type of relationship. Whether that is friends with benefits or a long-term relationship, you will be taught exactly what they want and know how to express it confidently.

We’ve all been there at some time or another. Met the girl that you think is the one for life, only for the spark to diminish after a few months. All that’s left is the thought of where did it all go wrong? Savoy will show you how to keep that relationship passionate and exciting so neither of you will ever get bored. With just a few simple steps, you’ll realise that actually keeping the good times rolling isn’t that difficult!

We all know women are far more emotional then men. There is a simple reason for this – females think more than males – with their brains anyway! With this in mind, keeping a “friends with benefits” relationship going is not easy. However much the girl says she won’t get attached, she nearly always will. Learn how to set expectations and maintain the casual relationship without it turning into an issue and a possible stalker situation.

If you ask one hundred guys what their fantasy is, ninety will say a threesome. If you haven’t yet had one, have you ever thought how you might get yourself in the position to? Not sure how you could even approach the subject with a woman? Let Savoy teach you that getting a threesome is much easier than you think. With just one magic phrase, make a woman feel comfortable with the idea. Also learn how to find out whether she’s going to be interested in the first place before you waste time and money trying to convince her!

Most relationship experts don’t like to approach the subject of cheating. Face it, women cheat as much as men. For every guy doing it, there must be a girl! For the first time ever, you will learn Savoy’s model that predicts if a girl is going to cheat on you and when. You’ll be shown how to figure out what kind of woman she is in the first hour of meeting her. If you’ve been cheated on in the past, you will know how valuable this information could be. And if you haven’t been cheated on, trust me, it hurts and with this mind-blowing information, you can save yourself from that pain in just a few easy to follow steps.

If you want to enhance a current relationship, learn how to set up new relationships or find out what kind of woman is best for you, Love Systems Relationship Management DVD box set is an absolute treasure trove of information. You’ll find everything in there to make your love life an instant success.