Love Systems - Routines Manual

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Subject Area: Approaching and opening routines.

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Rating: 8.2/10

Simply put, the number one product on the market for those looking for new opening routines to use in their arsenal when approaching women. This product has enough openers to keep you coming up with fresh lines and material for months.

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Tired of being the guy in your group of friends that never has a story to tell about picking up women? You hear others recounting stories of sexual encounters, some true and some probably not, but you never have any to tell yourself. Well that could all change now thanks to Love Systems Routines manual volume 1 and 2.

There is no magic pill that will make you suddenly become irresistible to the opposite sex, but with Love Systems easy to follow step-by-step instructions, you’ll soon become equipped to deal with any social situation. Are you always nervous and unsure around women? You’re not the only one my friend! So many men find it an impossible task just even go and talk to a woman. Love Systems makes the impossible, possible, giving you the confidence to meet girls in clubs or coffee shops, day and night.

The manuals are produced by Nick Savoy, a leading voice in the world of love and seduction. This guy has been teaching how to be successful with women for over 10 years now, so it’s fair to say he knows his stuff! How would you like to have access to his back catalogue of openers, conversation starters, stories and routines? They are all in the Love System manuals and ready to turn you into a ladies man.

Ever approached a beautiful lady with the following lines – “What’s your name? “Where are you from?” “What do you do?” This poor girl has probably heard these over and over again and couldn’t be more turned off, even if you look like Brad Pitt! Savoy’s system will teach you how easy it is to have a bunch of good conversation openers in your head and ready to go way before you need them.

Once you’ve mastered the conversational art, keeping her interested for a substantial period of time, where do you go from there? Within the manuals there are so many routines to take you to the next level. What is a routine I hear you ask? Well, have you ever told the same story more than once? Then you’re already using a routine. What you’ll learn from the system is how to make that story interesting and attractive to women and not just a tired stale story that you tell on autopilot.

One of the key aspects to becoming a top gamesman is being able to tell a great story. How many truly great stories do you have that could keep a female interested? It’s actually a lot more than you think. The Routines manual not only gives you hundreds of pages of stories from all the best pick up artists out there, you’ll also receive a free bonus chapter which helps you create and design your own material.

If you’re ready to take the first steps on your journey to seduce any woman you want or you just simply want new skills to go out into battle with, Love Systems Routines manuals volume 1 & 2 are unmissable. You need to learn from the best to become the best…