Love Systems - Ultimate Phone and Text Game

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Subject Area: Using game in phone calls and texting.

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Rating: 8.3/10

If you’re looking for an in depth guide on how to seduce and attract a woman when on the phone and when texting each other, then this product should be high on your “to get” list. With tons of fresh new material, this will up your phone and text game in no time.

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We’ve all been there. Got a girl’s number on a night out thinking the hard part is done, then when you wake up the next morning, self-questioning starts. Shall I call her today? Tomorrow? No just text her. When? What shall I write? It all becomes a bit too much and you really don’t know what to do for the best. Until now that is.

Braddock, one of the top pick up artists over at the Love Systems crew has produced the Ultimate Guide To Phone & Text Game eBook, that makes turning that phone number you got into a sexual encounter a simple task.

There is nothing more unattractive to a woman than a bumbling man on the other end of the phone, stuttering with very little to say, making her feel awkward and uninterested. Learn how to keep the conversation flowing and have her wanting to meet you as soon as she possibly can. Braddock teaches the basics of turning a phone number into a date in a few simple steps. I say simple, but 60% of guys make one fatal error after getting a phone number that kills their chances right there and then.

Learn how to instantly have the girl laughing within seconds of your first phone conversation with some superb instructions on call back humour. Are you not a great one for speaking on the phone? Well, with some girls, you’ll have to learn how to be, but others only like to text. Learn how to tell the difference and be able to exploit that to your advantage.

The problem we all have when sending a text message is you are unable to properly convey emotion. A smiley face or a LOL very often won’t cut the mustard in the early stages of picking up a girl. It’s hardly sexy, right? Learn three common mistakes to avoid in the first text message and then the early text “game” after the initial reply.

Ever got a girl’s phone number one night, then the next evening you have a few drinks and think texting her is the best idea in the world? BIG mistake. What to you is a humorous few words to her will spell out “He’s out, probably drunk, what a douche.” Braddock teaches all the right and wrong days and times to both text and call. This, as explained above, can be the difference between success and failure.

Learn when to sexualize every conversation, whether that be by text or phone. Too early and you’ll come across like a sleazebag, do it to late and you may have lost her interest forever. The eBook contains scripts to sexualize any dialogue, both low-risk flirting that will make her start to feel wanted, increasing to explicit sexual chat that will have her dying to jump into bed with you.

After you’ve got that hot girl’s number, it is a strategic minefield out there. One that most guys get completely wrong. Thanks to Love Systems Ultimate Guide To Phone & Text Games eBook, you can be the guy that converts a phone number into a date every time.