PUA Routines

PUA routines are an essential part of any pick up artists bag of tools. This section will serve as an A to Z of all the best field tested routines that will include both opening routines and DHV routines.

We’ll be adding 5 new routines a week for the coming months to give you a massive amount of material that you can try out while sarging. As ever if you have any feedback for us, just send an email to the usual address!

2 Part Kiss Opener: A really easy to remember opening routine that will immediately lock you into any set.

Love vs In Love: Another great opener that will encourage a set of girls to open up and make conversation with you.

5 Lies Game: A fun and simple game for demonstrating higher value, building rapport and increasing attraction.

The Cube Routine: Touted by many pickup artists as the single most effective PUA routine, the Cube is also one of the most infamous as a result of the exposure it received in Neil Strauss’ “The Game”