5 Lies Game

The 5 lies game is one of the simplest and easiest to use routines in the field. It demonstrates higher value, as well as increasing physical attraction and making you come across as a guy who is fun to be around. The prize for winning the bet can be anything from a drink to a kiss to a phone number, depending on how far along in the set you are. If you’ve already built attraction and escalated kino, then this is a great spot to put a kiss on the line!

As an introduction to this routine, you can use the bigger liars routine, or you can simply run this on it’s own.

PUA So, let’s play a game.

Her What game?

PUA: It’s really simple and really fun. If you win I’ll do….. If I win, you have to…….

Her: Ok, how do we play.

PUA: It’s easy. It’s called the 5 lies game/5 questions game. I’m going to ask you 5 questions and all you have to do is to tell me a lie for each answer. Easy right?

Her: Ok sure.

PUA: Ok. So do you want me to start with a practise question or are we good to go?

Her: No let’s start.

PUA: Right, so what’s your name?

Her: Michael (or whatever). Some girls will actually tell you their real name here, giving you a great chance to give a playful neg.

PUA: See I told you it was easy. Now, where do you come from?

Her: Wherever.

PUA: What bar/club are we in right now?

Her: Blah blah blah.

PUA: Here, you need to pause, look down for a minute and touch your face or something similarly distracting. After a short pause, change your tone of voice and ask “how many questions was that”?

Her: If she answers 3 you win (most people will lose on this question). However, if she correctly lies to you and says a different number you proceed onto the 5th question.

PUA: Here you need to be taken and back and appear somewhat shocked. Say wow, I don’t believe it, you really got me. Have you played this game before.

Her: No, I’ve never played it.

PUA: Great. I’ll have a JD and Coke.

Her: #$?@&*(#$% I don’t believe you got me….

PUA: I’ll teach you how to play so you can win drinks off your friends in future. On question 4 always ask how many questions have been asked thus far. People who are helpful by nature will usually help you out and give you the right answer. The 5th question is done in a way to catch out proud/egotistical people so between the 2 of those questions, you have the majority of people covered. And here you can neg by saying, “and obviously you’re not a helpful person (while smiling)”, or compliment with “and you’re obviously a helpful person”.

Use this routine and I guarantee you will instantly build rapport with any set of girls in the field.

Good luck and happy gaming.