Is Kissing Cheating 2 Part Kiss Opener

The “is kissing cheating routine” is one of the most successful PUA routines and has an incredibly high success rate when used correctly in the field. One of the best parts of this opening routine is that it can also be used effectively to open mixed sets as it’s something that guys will find interesting to talk about and are sure to have an opinion on.

The routine goes something like this:

PUA: Hey guys, myself and a few friends were just having a debate about something and wanted to get a quick opinion on it. (make sure to use a false time constraint).

So if a girl who has a boyfriend goes out to a club and kisses another guy just for fun, would you consider that cheating?

Group: Of course that’s cheating.

PUA: Right exactly, that makes sense. What about if a girl goes out to a club, gets drunk and then starts making out with other girls just for fun. Would you consider that cheating?

Group: [Here you will often get mixed responses, though in all girl sets, it will almost always get a response saying it’s completely fine! If you do get this response, then you can look to use a neg and mention double standards in a playful manner and be sure to keep on smiling.]

The reason the routine is called the 2 part kiss opener is because it continues with a second part as follows.

PUA: Right. That’s interesting. The real reason I asked is because my friend over there is dating a girl at the moment and whenever she goes out she gets wasted and makes out with other girls. Now of course, some guys might be into that [said while smiling], but my friend gets really annoyed about it and think it’s cheating. She denies it of course and says it’s definitely not cheating, hence why we wanted to get another opinion on it!

Group: [Well he takes it too seriously/he should talk to her about it etc etc.]

The 2 part kiss opener is an extremely effective routine for opening almost any set. When delivered in the right way and with the right posture, voice tonality and body language it can be a great opener to use as the first part of your routine stack. Remember to continue to build rapport and attraction and move onto DHVs to take the set to the next level.

Like with every PUA opener, try it out in the field and see how it works for you. Happy gaming!