Love vs In Love Routine

The love vs in love routine came from one of the coaches living at Project Hollywood. After finding that many women simply wanted to have sex, rather than do other normal couple activities such as going for a meal, going to the cinema or even staying the night at your place, he realised that most of these women were already involved in relationships and even married.

After having sex one night, he asked the girl he was with if she was seeing anyone. She told him straight up that she was married. But, she said she loves her husband, but that she wasn’t in love with him. By simply adding the word “in” the woman was justifying sleeping with another guy, which gave rise to the love vs in love routine.

Here’s how to use it in the field:

PUA: Hey, I gotta go back to my friends in a minute (false time constraint) but myself and a friend wanted to get a quick female opinion on something.

Her: Sure what is it?

PUA: Can you tell me what is the difference between love and being in love? My friend wants to know because her boyfriend is just after splitting up with her. When they broke up, he told her that he loved her, but that he wasn’t in love with her. The funny part is that a different girl said the exact same thing to another friend of hers recently. So we’ve been chatting about it to try to figure out what the difference is between the two.

Her: [I think the difference between the two is……. You’ll invariably get a number of different responses to this question]

PUA: Right. That makes a lot of sense. Thinking about it, if i was to hug one of my friends and say “I love you man”, that would be completely normal, but if I said “I’m in love with you” I’m sure he would take it the wrong way and probably flip out (or worse).

As with all PUA routines, you don’t always need to stick exactly to the script. You can make small adjustments to make the routine your own so that is delivered as confidently and as naturally as possible. Add some DHV routines into your routine stack after you open with the “love vs in love routine” and you are sure to be kiss closing in no time.

Good luck!