The Cube

The Cube Routine is something of a mystery. It is the Holy Grail in getting women. But few men know how to implement it into their game.

Men have tried to master it before, but many have fell amongst its simplicity and sadly failed. Either too busy to commit whole-heartedly to conquer its methods, or too scared to step out of their comfort zone to give it a try, or even just too pessimistic to believe in its power.

Whatever the case for you, you are here because you need a new approach. Here is a dummy’s guide to the cube pua routine. The comprehensive cube as I like to call it. One size fits all.

There are variations of the cube but its simplicity remains. You can use it as a sexual vice or you can use it to get girls loving your personality, as when delivered well, it is probably the best routine that can be used for demonstration of higher value.

This is no joke. This is the easiest way to grasping it all, and like a homeless man to fries, women will come flocking.

Are you up for it? Then give this a go.

Rapport is the name of the game. If you don’t know anything about building rapport, then you must learn. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and doesn’t need you to become a mind reader. Learning the basics of body language, use of positive reinforcement and eye contact is enough to get you through the cube.

The game starts as simple cold reading; looking at your chick, and knowing what she’s thinking by how she talks and predicting how she will respond to everything you do.

By asking just a few quick questions you will know how to impress her and know how to show you have a deep understanding of how girls tick, how to appear sensitive and how to be the man she wants.

Guys I know have tried and tested this approach with tonnes of women and each time have been astounded with the results. The thing they love the most about it, is that it is so much fun to play with.

They have a laugh with it, and so does the girl.

So the comprehensive guide to the cube starts here.

Think of your career, or of how an animal stalks its prey, or even the human orgasm – each needs time, patience and must build up slowly. The girl and the game need the same treatment.

I suggest starting off slowly. Ask your lady if she wants to partake in your experiment and gain her interest and trust by assuming that she will explore herself as well as you. From here, you are ready.

Begin by asking questions, and ask her to give as much information about herself and not to hold back. At this point, as much detail as she is willing to give is essential.

Tell her…

Picture this simple landscape, with the sky, the horizon line and the desert below.

Now tell her to insert into this picture a cube. Ask here where is it placed? How big is it and what material is it made of?

Next, tell her to add in a ladder into the scene. Again, ask her where is it, what shape is it and what is it made from, how long it stretches. Really get her to give you some detail here.

Put flowers into the image and ask what type of flower she has chosen, how many there are and where she has placed them in the image. Are they close to the ladder? Or the cube? Or neither. What is the symmetry between the objects and do any of them touch or overlap.

Now time for some animals. Chicks love animals. Tell her to place a horse in their somewhere. Ask her questions about the horse’s position and what actions it is doing. What does the horse look like?
But wait, there’s a storm coming into the picture. Ask her to picture this going on In her head and tell her to describe the speed of the storm as It climbs overhead, the ferocity of the storm and the strength of the rain. What direction is it coming from? Does it take over the whole image or just a corner? What way is it heading? Is there thunder and lightning, or may be just rain.

This information isn’t just for fun. No, this is the key, the open door, to how the girl views herself and her life.

You can take what she says and know exactly what she wants. You can see into her future and understand her intricate details by interpreting this information correctly.

The cube is all about how she sees herself in the light of day.

The Ladder represents the people in her life, friends and family. The Flowers are her children or view towards wanting children. The horse represents the stallion – or pony – that she is looking for in a man, her ideal lover and perfect partner. Unsurprisingly, the storm uncovers all of the fears, worries and torment existing in her life.

You can understand her just from asking these questions, for these questions are specifically designed to get her attuned with herself. She won’t know that she is telling you her inner most secrets, but she will feel abundantly connected to you.

A warning thought, these questions need to be asked in precisely this order in terms of the objects. Start with the cube and build into the storm.

The following interpretations are mere examples of how you can demystify this woman through what she says. You can take each detail she gives and know what she is relating it to. Take the information you already know and use the cube to seal a deeper understanding.

If she describes the cube (herself) as being tiny and see-through. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this girl probably feels a little insignificant in certain aspects of her life.

May be the cube is bold and bright, in which case this girl is truly happy and content with how outgoing she really is.

If the cube is in the sky, then she probably feels a little disconnected a lot of the time, of perhaps feels like she is floating through life. But if the cube is placed firmly on the ground, then this girl is real and has her security through being well grounded.

You get here? Here’s another example.

The Ladder, which symbolises her friends and the people who are close to her in her life. If the ladder has many steps, she hold many close relationships. If her friends are a long way away from her – the cube – then she may keep them far apart from her personal space. Similarly if the ladder is close or touching the cube, then she holds friends tightly to her and they play a big part in her life.

The flowers are what she sees as her children. The more flowers she pictures, the more children she wants to have eventually. The horse is her as a lover. This is the bit you want to pay close attention to as the key note. If she pictures a strong stallion, then she wants a man who fits the same description; strong, bold and protective. If it is a pony, perhaps she sees her ideal man as being someone quite shy, reserved and unassuming, may be a man who she can cuddle and feel warm with.

If the horse is envisioned close to the flowers, you know what that means; this girl wants a man who wants children in their life also.

The storm will tell you about her life’s woes. If there are merely a few clouds and they are far away, then this means she is in a happy moment and cant see anything imposing too heavily too soon. The closer and darker and more ferocious the storm, the more turmoil she is dealing with or has dealt with.

The more imagination the woman has, the more information you will get out of her. You can play the game too by getting her to ask the same questions. You knowing how the cube works, however will be able to stay aware of the image you are portraying. Stick with small storms and a big stallion is my personal trick. Go and enjoy!