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We all want to learn what to do when it comes to attracting and picking up women, but one of the sciences never taught is what NOT to do. Until now that is. Jeff Allen aka Jeffy brings to the table The Real Social Dynamics 9 Ball DVD set, a no holds barred, thought provoking and amusing take on life from one of the greatest pick up artists of a generation.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you are unable to approach that hot girl in a club? Why can’t you seem to muster the courage to talk to that work colleague that you have wanted to ask out for over a year now? Well let Jeff expose the core reason that most guys fail with women and why identifying this single-pitfall is paramount to your new success.

Remember the girl at school that you spoke to for years, but never took it to the next level, even though you wanted to? Let Jeff break it down for you exactly where you went wrong and how you can put that right. Learn the one unforgivable sin that kills all chances of closing a girl you want and what you should do instead.

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Don’t you just hate those guys that walk into a room and seem to get the instant attention of all the girls in the room? Learn how to silence an entire party in total awe in just 7 words then leave with the hottest girl.

We’ve all had problems before with prizing away the girl from her friends. You’re happily chatting away to a girl, but her friends keep interrupting, usually out of jealousy and try and ruin your chances. Jeff teaches how to blast through these determined, game stopping girls and have them eating out of your hand, leaving them all wanting to go home with you by the end of the night.

As if all this wasn’t enough, learn how to take a break from getting all your confidence through the power of alcohol! I bet 100% of people reading this review find it much easier to approach women after a few drinks, sometimes having to be totally hammered? Let Jeff teach you how to make the jump into a totally sober game and enjoy yourself twice as much. You’ll be blown away with how simple it is to pick up when sober.

Jeffy is still considered one of the world’s top pick up artists and in this box set, he allows us to get up close and personal with his journey to the top. He identifies everything that went wrong in his early career and exactly how to right those wrongs. Let him guide you through the four pillars of outer game that will lead you to a new path of enlightenment. Once learned, you will be able to adopt the perfect framework that when used correctly, makes failure with attracting women impossible.

Real Social Dynamics 9 Ball takes you on a far deeper journey than any other pick up or seduction box set out there. Getting an in depth insight into where a top pick up artist went wrong can only help fast track your game tenfold. Miss this and you miss out on a whole world of information that could take you to the next level.