Real Social Dynamics - Blueprint Decoded

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Subject Area: Getting inside the mind and desires of women.

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Rating: 9.8/10

The Blueprint Decoded is not so much a pick up artist product as it is an entire life makeover. Taught by the infamous Tyler Durden this is a course in self-improvement that will help you pick up women without lines, routines or any other tricks. In short – life changing.

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Have you ever started searching for dating tools that could take your game to the next level, and come across a DVD and CD box set called Real Social Dynamics Blueprint Decoded? Then checked your Google search was correct thinking, “What the hell has this got to do with dating?” Thankfully, if you delved a little deeper, unearthed is an absolute minefield of cutting edge seduction and pick up artistry information that is not to be missed.

The Blueprint Decoded is produced by the leaders in the industry, Real Social Dynamics crew, and packs a punch right from the start. Learn that when it comes to attracting women, the only thing really stopping you is…YOU! The real enemy is that part of yourself that keeps throwing obstacles in your path. Let the Blueprint crush these obstacles and make you become the guy that all the girls crave.

With over 20 hours of life-changing knowledge, that will arm you with all the tools to take you to the next level in your quest of become a female magnet, purchasing the Blueprint is nothing short of a necessity.

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We’ve all heard that guy in the bar say, “You see that girl over there she’s after some tonight.” You think to yourself, he’s just being cocky to impress his friends until later on, you see him leave with that very same girl. How the heck did he know? One of the reasons the most skilled players have the ability to attract any girl in any situation is because they see the opportunity a mile off.

The blueprint will allow you to see the entire matrix and have you working out the best target to work on as soon as you walk into any bar or club.

The beauty of the this program is that it is not just teaching about inner game, learning how to be confident and feel good about yourself. Jeez, you could you could go to any number of people to help you with that. You will be exposed to in depth practical knowledge that takes you from point-A to point-B. So it’s all good and proper building your confidence up, which is point-A.

This is truly an important place to start and the Blueprint will have you literally feeling like a changed man in a few simple steps, but confidence alone will not turn you into a skilled pick up artist. Point-B is where the real work begins – learning to turn that new found swagger into something girls will find irresistible. This is where the power of this program is unleashed. You’ll learn the single thing you need to do to blast your sexual presence into a whole new dimension. Once you start thinking in these terms, almost all of your previous sticking points with attracting women will disappear.

You’ll discover that women have two personalities – one that shuts the door on any man trying to get with them and the other that opens the floodgates Fed up of being that first schmuck that always has zero success with girls and now want the shoe on the other foot where you’ll have so many women, its YOU that will be shutting that metaphorical door? Purchase the Real Social Dynamics Blueprint Decoded and you will become that guy you’ve always wanted to be.