Real Social Dynamics - Foundations

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Subject Area: Foundations for confidence, charisma and attraction.

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Rating: 8.8/10

This remarkable product by RSD comes in audio and DVD formats. It teaches everything about laying the foundations for pure self confidence, rock-solid inner game and generally just becoming a cool, charismatic guy that people look up to and are attracted to. A++

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So let me ask you this. There’s a reason you’ve found and started reading this review. You’re not all that great with women too, right? You still clam up when you’re about to approach a girl and do a swift 180 degrees turn in the opposite direction. We’ve all been there, until now that is.

Real Social Dynamics Foundations DVD and CD box set teaches how to become the guy that naturally attracts women, is so confident in front of the opposite sex that they’ll simply be queuing up to talk.

Foundations is produced by Tyler, the number one player in the Real Social Dynamics crew. He has honed his pick up artistry skills over a long number of years and now tells all in this program that must be the most comprehensive and effective method for pickup ever devised.

Within the system, Tyler teaches how to shift your thinking to that of a genuinely cool cat. He strips away all the myths that have been preventative from building confidence and social skills in order to become more attractive to women. He will help create a strong inner game, the foundations, so you will never feel jealous, insecure or needy with another girl in your life.

If you’re serious about heading on a path to success with women, then purchasing the Foundations box set is an absolute must. Being guided through a step by step breakdown on 8 elements of a good pick up which will turn your game from zero to hero within days is worth the price alone.

Want to learn the most important shift in thinking that will get that dream girl? Foundations teaches how simple it really is, so that from now on, getting the girl will be done on autopilot. Follow the simple pickup lab system to learn how in a short period of time, you can be constantly interacting with women.

Ever heard the expression, “You gotta learn to walk before you can run.” You don’t just stroll into the CEO position of a company right? You have to work at it. Well this it what Foundations teaches. In order to get the best results, it’s important to always evolve in the world of pick up artistry, striving to be your absolute best.

There’s always THAT guy who gets the girl back on a first date and she’s an animal in bed? And that’s never been you, right? With three simple steps, learn how to work out when a woman is looking for a short-term sexual encounter. Learn the most insightful and detailed explanations of female psychology. To understand the game you have to understand women first.

For all the newbie pickup artists looking to raise your game, Real Social Dynamics Foundations DVD and CD box set is an essential piece of kit. See this as an investment in the future of YOUR game. For those on an intermediate to expert level, brushing up on skills has never been so enjoyable. To become the best at what you do, you always have to lay the foundations. This box set is the chance you have been waiting for….