Get Laid Or Die Trying Review

We all spend a lot of our time at the weekends, hanging out with friends and shamelessly trying to attract women. But let’s be honest, we fail dismally more often than not. Your dad can teach you about manners, right and wrong and a whole bunch of other stuff, but being sexually attractive to women is not his domain! So who can show you the art of seduction? Well how about the best-known pickup artist on the planet, Jeff Allen with his new book ‘Get Laid Or Die Trying.’

Long before the pickup artist industry gained momentum and a whole heap of “professionals” began bringing out DVD box sets and holding boot camps, Allen was out there as a foot soldier, mastering his trade as the number one pick up artist in the world. He now shares his knowledge through this utterly shameless, hugely entertaining book that reveals in graphic detail the art of seduction.

Have you ever been at a party watching other couples make out, while you sit on the sofa alone sipping slowly on your drink? Want to learn how to get into the pants of the hottest girl at any party in less than thirty minutes? How about being able to pull a chick that is surrounded by a group of guys and leave them all in your wake as she heads home with you? Allen breaks down in full detail how to achieve these goals and explains step by step through his own scenarios. This guy is a veteran in the pickup world so has seen every conceivable situation and knows exactly how to manipulate it.

You’ll learn how to attract the girl you want by sleeping with all of her friends. Yep, you read that right! This brilliant chapter shows you exactly why having sex with her friends will actually make your dream girl want you MORE. It’s eye opening stuff. My favourite chapter though comes with Allen explaining how to convince a girl to do all your household chores before she has sex with you. They say you can never get into a woman’s mind, but through years of experience, it seems he has!

Thankfully, the book isn’t just a self-acclamation by Allen about how good he is at seducing women. He actually gives some side splittingly funny accounts of how he tried and failed miserably in his early career and this actually gives a great insight of what NOT to do when trying to attract the opposite sex. Remember, you have to learn the do’s and don’ts, rights and wrongs in anything to finally become a master at it.

This book provides a hilarious, yet educational look the art of pickup. Whether you are a total beginner or an intermediate, you can certainly learn a few tips and tricks from Jeff Allen. Or if you just like reading about funny situations other guys get themselves into with women, then this book has a plethora of super stories you can talk to your mates about over a drink or two. ‘Get Laid Or Die Trying’ isn’t going to win novel of the year, but if you want to add a few extra weapons to your pulling arsenal, you could do a lot worse than purchase this!