Real Social Dynamics - The Jeffy Show

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Subject Area: Seduction, sexual attraction, all round game.

Price: $169 / $269 |
Rating: 8.7/10

Another awesome product that continues the RSD philosophy of being a natural, the Jeffy Show will show you how to bring out the best parts of your own personality and character, to show you that simply being yourself is the quickest and easiest way to have instant results with women.

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If you’re the type like me that struggles to read plain text without your mind wandering every five minutes then you have stumbled upon the right review. Even if this isn’t the case, Real Social Dynamics The Jeffy Show is a wildly humorous and hugely insightful seduction DVD set produced by the super charismatic Jeff Allen, AKA JLaix.

Allen is one of the leaders in the pick up artist pack. He’s been teaching live dating boot camps since 2003 and now he brings his DVD set to the masses. What I like about the Jeffy Show is that whether you are a beginner or expert pick up artist, there is something in there for everyone.

What Allen does particularly well where other seduction books and DVD’s fail, is that he takes a long look at getting YOUR mind right. Most others focus on the women’s psychology, but forget to detail how you need to build a solid core of personal confidence before you can master the art yourself. He begins this part of the DVD set with a very humorous anecdote about his first ever conquest with a rather larger lady due to his own self-confidence being so low he felt this was his benchmark!

Once he has worked on your own inner belief, he then begins with how to engage a woman. Hyper focus is a key element to his methods, showing you how to create a little world for you and your new female friend, where she will be so entranced by your swagger that 100% of her attention will be on you and you alone. Even her friends will become a blur in the background!

My favourite part of the DVD set comes with Allen explaining the Real Social Dynamic triangle. His systems help you create a weird, synergistic effect that helps not only your love life, but all other areas too. What he explains, and though simple as it sounds after hearing it, is that women becoming more attracted to you when a confident vibe is constantly being given off. Not just when you are in a bar or club, but also at the grocery store or a bank. Women can almost smell the confidence in a man and if you are giving this scent off 24/7, then you’re in with a good shot of an active sex life.

As the box set gets more in depth, he helps his viewers learn how to tap into their animal core, how to perfect the art of the chat up and there is even time for a reflective Allen to talk about his time in the game. This could come across as somewhat self- indulgent, but he actually spills a lot of interesting information (and mistakes!) from his past that he may have not divulged had it not been for this disc.

The course comes in two formats – DVD at a price of $269 and CD at $169. I purchased the DVD box set and to be honest, it’s some of the best money I’ve spent. I feel that Allen gives you a lot of informational bang for your buck and reveals insider tips, tricks and secrets that will increase your self confidence and your success with women in no time at all.