Real Social Dynamics - Hotseat

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Subject Area: Live seminar on natural game and self improvement.

Price: $300 |
Rating: 9.2/10

The RSD Hotseat program is a live seminar run by Real Social Dynamics that focuses on all aspects of improving one’s life, from girlfriends, to social interactions and everything else in between. These courses are pretty much the best seminars run in the PUA industry right now.

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Imagine what car crash TV would be made if a camera crew followed you around while you attempted to chat up women. Those drunken nights out with your friends that ended with nothing more than a kebab on the way home. What if I told you one of the world’s leading pickup artists has filmed himself seducing women for the past year and is ready to reveal all in his new amazing ‘Hot Seat 2’ live shows? Tyler of Real Social Dynamics has done just that and laid his skills out for all to see in the most interactive live show this industry has ever seen.

If you had the chance to learn football skills from Lionel Messi would you say yes? If Slash wanted to teach you how to play the guitar I know what your answer would be! So if you’re serious about crafting your skills in the pickup world, here is a chance to learn directly from one of the world’s best PUA.

Tyler will show you a compilation of his most high octane and effective ways of comfortably starting conversations with beautiful women. More importantly, see first hand hundreds of botched pickup attempts (most of which will have happened to you) and how you can avoid making the simple mistakes, guaranteeing that all your future approaches will be successful and you can say goodbye to rejection forever.

Most of us guys are generally awkward in some sort of social situation…and more often than not, it’s when a beautiful girl is around! Learn from some awe-inspiring videos how to handle practically every type of social scenario, meaning that you will no longer look like the nervous dude, but more the alpha male. What does this mean? Well, in simple terms, more pussy!

The beauty of the ‘Hot Seat 2’ course is it’s all there in black and white. No BS. You get to see everything played out in front of your eyes and if there are any points that need clearing up, you have the top PUA’s in the world to answer your questions.

If you’re like me, then learning via books can be both frustrating and boring. Why these live shows are so powerful are that you can see PUA’s blatantly being successful with women and actually how easy it is to approach and attract anyone. It will blow your self-doubt out of the water and make you want to start immediately! Also being in a room full of like-minded people and some hardcore professionals makes the day not only fun, but also reassuring too. Most of these guys are average looking Joes like you and me, but seem to be getting more women than you can shake a stick at!

So if you’re keen to change your success with women from zero to hero, and are sceptical about most of these self-acclaimed dating guru books, why not head to your local ‘Hot Seat 2’ event. Hands-on teaching is invaluable and I guarantee you will leave the course a new man….and within hours have a new woman!