Real Social Dynamics - Mastermind

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Subject Area: A guide to mastering dating and attraction.

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Rating: 9.1/10

RSD Mastermind is a 12 disc audio series taught by all of the RSD master pickup artists. It teaches groundbreaking materials on natural game and how to have success with women without any tricks or games, simply by being yourself. We cannot recommend this series highly enough!

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Are you just one of those guys that has an all round awkwardness when in the company of women? Whether that be approaching them (or trying to at least!), dating them or even once they have totally succumbed to your not so obvious charm. Join the club. Most men have a total fear of inadequacy when it comes to dealing with females. However, this can all be a thing of the past by getting your hands on a copy of the sensational Real Social Dynamics Mastermind course, helping you build your confidence with the fairer sex so high that you’ll no longer view approaching and dating girls as an anxious time.

Do you struggle to keep the conversation flowing, always seeming to create unwanted silences? Let RSD’s world-renowned instructors show you how to talk in a way that makes even your day to day life seem interesting. You’ll learn that you don’t need to be a rock or sports star to compete for the 9 out of 10 girls. With a bit of tweaking to your general mindset, women will be falling over themselves to be with you. There are just a few simple secrets to cultivating a powerful masculine energy inside of you that will cause women to be intrigued by your presence alone and you’ll learn how to master them in a few short weeks.

In the monthly course, you’ll also discover mind-blowing tips from eye contact secrets used by the world’s best seducers giving you the power to mesmerize any woman to the keys to maintaining a successful relationship. Whether you are simply looking for a series of one night stands or keeping a meaningful relationship sizzling, the guys at Real Social Dynamics have left no stone unturned.

Let’s get one thing straight. Being able to read a woman 100% is never going to happen. If any “expert” seducer says otherwise, it’s simply not true. What RSD’s Masterclass will teach you though, is to shut out any uncertainty you may have when it comes to approaching and engaging girls. Learn how to fuse gentlemanly behaviour with bad-boy attitude, creating a push-pull situation – as we know, being too nice gets you nowhere, but arrogance has just as little success. Get the balance just right and you’ll see your success multiply tenfold. Also, discover the two unique things you can do to blow a woman away the moment you meet her, leaving her in awe of your confidence, power and sexual presence.

Our favourite and one of the most powerful techniques taught on the course is known as the “Cyclone.” Learning to seduce women on the club scene is possibly the most difficult task of all. Surrounded by their friends, in a loud environment, with other sharks ready to pounce! You’ll be shown a simple, 100% formula for dominating the dog-eat-dog club scene, enabling you to walk off with the hottest girl in the club EVERY time.

Real Social Dynamic’s Mastermind course is the most comprehensive guide to dating and attraction on the market. If you want to send your success with women through the roof or keep your current relationship hotter than a two-dollar pistol, then sign up and enjoy!