Real Social Dynamics - Transformations

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Subject Area: Complete personal transformation.

Price: $269 – $369 |
Rating: 9.2/10

As the name of this boxset suggests, Transformations is a complete personal makeover, aiming to transform anyone into a 100% confident, outgoing, charismatic and charming alpha male. This product transcends traditional pickup techniques and delves into much deeper, life changing areas.

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Having been a bit over whelmed by the number of products and reviews on the subject of dating skills and pick up artistry, I finally decided to purchase Real Social Dynamics Transformations. The reason I choose it was simple – I was getting the voice of not one, but five seasoned pick up veterans. This could surely only enhance my skills with women.

Transformations is a 12 disc DVD or CD set promising to be packed full of mind-altering content helping the viewer or listener become more accustomed to engaging with women. The set is structured so that each member of the Real Social Dynamics team has their chance to teach you individually the methods that have made them so successful with women.

Firstly, I want to say that many of the stories the guy’s recount, are worth the price tag alone. Hearing tales of when they were first starting out, unsuccessfully in most cases, to how they are now gurus in the field is truly inspiring stuff. It’s hard to imagine any of them being lost for words as their onscreen patter is so slick, but that in itself gives the viewer confidence – if they can do it, why can’t I!

Timothy Marc takes the reigns first and covers subjects from how to eliminate approach anxiety, helping you effortlessly to talk to any woman in any situation, to providing spontaneous live demonstrations with audience members for conversing in tonalities and even simple dancing techniques!

Next up is Ozzie, a self-assured guy who immediately grasps your attention. He talks extensively about “closing the game out” which is something I have the misfortune of having zero success rate with. I may get a phone number from time to time, but I find it hard to get a girl back to mine on the first night. Ozzie makes it all seem so easy and some of his tips are ground breaking.

Thirdly comes Jeffy, who from what I had read, was at the pinnacle of this profession! As I am still in the early stages of my path to being successful with the opposite sex, this portion of the DVD set I found the most enlightening. He teaches you how to be natural and be appreciated for your authenticity, explaining that above all else, you are the master of your own destiny when it comes to picking up girls and outside influences only play a minor part. Then he reels off a plethora of openers you can use on your first approach that have already proved their worth on my first few attempts. For this I thank you Jeffy!

Hoobi is up next, a small Asian dude who is dressed well and has a certain swagger to him. His use of props, like taking a digital camera on a night out to recreate movie-like situations is such a gem, I was almost kicking myself for not thinking of it before.

Last up is Tyler, who takes a more philosophical approach than the others. He teaches how to avoid the ugly curse of victim mentality and removing the stress from your life that is preventing your success with women. He also explains how to make quick decisions in every situation life throws at you, including when your conversations with a woman aren’t going too well.

At $369 for the DVD set and $269 the CD set, the initial outlay is fairly substantial. What I will say is that with so much information and brilliant tips, tricks and advice, this will keep you going for more than a few months. Knowledge is power, so for me, it is well worth the investment.