Ross Jeffries - Frame Control And Sexual Themes

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Subject Area: Persuasion, Alpha-Dominance, Sexual Prowess.

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Rating: 9.2/10

Frame Control And Sexual Themes is all about controlling how you present yourself. Instead of being the guy who’s mouth is open, ogling at the hot girl across the bar, you are the suave man who is in ultimate control of the situation and has the girls chasing him.

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Learning from the best to be the best is a relatively easy to grasp concept. All the top sportsmen in the world are taught by the best coaches right? They can pass on their experience to the new stars of the game to mold them into something even better.

With this in mind, how about learning seduction techniques, from the one and only Ross Jeffries that are so powerful, you will get laid every time? If you follow his Frame Control & Sexual Themes DVD program, it will only take a matter of weeks to bed countless hot chicks and become the envy of all your friends.

Let Jeffries give you a full understanding of ‘frames’, the overall guideline through which you present everything you do. Think of a picture frame and all that should be within – landscape, main focus of the picture (you and a hot girl after watching this DVD!), background image etc.

Now relay this to what should be in your frame – thoughts, actions, responses and ideas. Once you understand how to use all of these correctly, you’re on the way to becoming a brilliant seducer of women.

Learn to change your persona from one that begs or asks women to do things to a guy that offers challenges and structures opportunities so that women start seeing you in a whole new light. Go from the desperate guy to the mysterious one in just a few short and easy to implement steps.

There is a reason Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction series have been so popular. The simple fact is they work!

In this box set, you’ll learn the four different models of Speed Seduction. Also how and when to use each one and when to know they are appropriate.

Jeffries freely admits these models aren’t the be all and end all of seduction. He openly encourages you to create your own seduction themes to intrigue any girl. Master what he teaches on the box set and you open up a world of opportunity that you can tweak and manipulate in any situation, so that finally, you the pupil, become the master!

Let’s not beat around the bush, we’ve all dreamed of being that fantasy figure that women go wild for. In reality, we’re not quite him and can never see ourselves taking on that role.

Until now that is.

Learn the three qualities of the romantic hero that drive women off the charts wild. You’ll be taught them in detail and the change in how women view you will be immediate. Become the naughty treat that every woman wants and have her doing things to you that her boyfriend or husband have never come close to witnessing.

A favorite part of the course comes in the chapter teaching word for word pickup strategies and tactics. Not only is it truly insightful, it is very amusing as well! Learn the 30 second pick up designed for use when a woman is with her friends or is in a complete hurry. It really does work!

Ross Jeffries Frame Control & Sexual Themes box set has over 16 hours of unadulterated seduction information. You will be blown away with the amount of useful content that Jeffries has given away and this is a must buy for anyone looking to master the art of seduction.