Ross Jeffries - Kick Butt Magick and Psychic Influence

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Subject Area: Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Influence

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Rating: 7/10

Kick Butt Magick and Psychic Influence is a product by Ross Jeffries which helps you to read and understand and influence the thoughts of women. This communication focused series enables an understanding of what is really being said opposed to the words that are being spoken.

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Ever wanted to know what women really think? Have you wondered why they’re so difficult to figure out? Ever wanted to communicate telepathically? Ok, Ross Jeffries is no miracle worker, but he’s the closest thing to it where seduction is concerned.

Dating guru Ross Jeffries has created a way to make this possible in his Secrets of Kick-Butt Magick and Psychic Influence program. He has taken and used only what he found works in the real world, with Speed Seduction.

He has also used the very same powerful, precise synthesis and creation when it comes to the otherwise stupidity and superstition-riddled world of magic and psychic influence.

And in so doing, he’s created something that actually works. Surprised? We were too.

Don’t let the title of the series put you off though. It doesn’t take someone with so-called ‘psychic ability’ to work their magic on getting into your mind. In fact, the very notion of certain people being “psychic” is all an illusion according to Jeffries and he looks more at getting into the psyche of the students through a more modern approach.

Throughout this workshop, you’ll quickly learn and realize that communicating and functioning on a “psychic” or “magical” level has very little to do with individual ability, and everything to do with the way the universe just naturally works around us.

The program is a great guide to your mental blocks that you put in front of yourself. It helps you realize that you are in fact your own worst enemy at times as you think through your own life experiences or the experience of those around you and in one of his many case studies, I’m sure Jeffries will tap into something that relates to you or someone you know well. It covers all your queries and misgivings about psychic abilities and teaches you with real-life examples of Jeffries’ own experiences with successful examples and how to master the art.

Jeffries primary aim is to teach you to enjoy the benefits of tapping into and utilizing a deeper level of influence, power and connection. What Jeffries teaches in this program is to not be trapped in your own mind. He states that he believes in substance, not symbol. He also believes in results, not ritual.

And with that, he has thrown away all of the useless and laughable traditions of “dating” that have kept men trapped for centuries. He opens our mind to a new way of thinking and a new ideology in the world of dating. He has provided us with a powerful model that says no to all the silly beliefs and useless steps and makes the power of remote/silent influence available and useable.

Jeffries presents a model, which matches and validates the experiences of the masses in an astounding way. He explains this model in a clear and coherent fashion which has enabled many to learn from in a short period of time.

Maybe you can’t right now imagine yourself using these skills to get your dream career, find your ideal lover/lovers, make more money, enjoy more real world fun, draw to you only the people YOU would love to be with and make your life a non-stop celebration. But it’s up to you to decide to change your way of thinking and this is what Jeffries stresses in this program. Even though you may feel you would never use these skills as a way to enhance your ability to instantly tell who is genuine or fake, once you have gone through this innovative program, your mind will be changed forever!

So give it a go. What have you got to lose?