Ross Jeffries - Speed Seduction 3.0

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Subject Area: Seduction, Neuro-linguistic programming.

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Rating: 8.8/10

The Deluxe Package of Ross Jeffrie’s Speed Seduction 3.0 is probably the most comprehensive guide to seduction available online. With expert suggestive language tricks and a structured method of delivery, this product will help you become a woman’s desire instantly.

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Have you been seeking a quick answer to your seduction problems? Have all the other dating tips been too complicated and require too much patience? Are you looking for something that will help you overcome your confidence issues straight away? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we definitely have just the thing for you.

Speed Seduction is the longest running complete seduction system around and if you’re having trouble seducing then this is the program for you. It has been running since the early 1990s and it wouldn’t still be going strong if it doesn’t work.

This latest version, 3.0, is focused on effective communication that “captures and leads a woman’s imagination” – borrowing from one of the main precepts of Speed Seduction method. It takes a different angle than the previous volumes as it is more about the woman and what you can do to please her rather than a guide on how to simply get a woman into bed. It’s so much more than that and this is the first Speed Seduction 3.0 program that is run full-length and the first one curator Ross Jeffries has put out in over five years. He’s spent this time developing his understanding of the seduction game and has all of his knowledge in this highly sought after DVD. So what are you waiting for?

Need more convincing? OK.

Speed Seduction is an effective communication technology that has been a part of the game for over a decade now. What Jeffries teaches is that there is a formula to everything and you can literally plan ahead because if you follow his simple steps, you’re on the road to success. There is a cogent set-up to the program which makes it easy to understand the individual concepts and put them together. This differs from Jeffries’ usual teaching methods as he tends to be more vocal.

The program is testimony to both how effective Speed Seduction teaching has continuously been working for guys since its inception, and to the fact that there are core ground rules that strengthen all seduction techniques and Jeffries promises that if you stick to these rules, you can’t go far wrong!

These well-known common denominators can be trained to beginners in various ways including role-playing, memorising of the steps, and maybe even real-life practise. And you do need to practise because practise is key to every successful seduction and dating system.

Speed Seduction is much more than just proposition and a hypnosis program – it is more of a holistic system intended to alter limiting attitude and give confidence to personal growth. You won’t only learn how to develop your skills in seduction but you’ll understand a lot more about the human psyche, when to approach a woman and most importantly – when not to!

There are various strengths of the latest edition of Speed Seduction. Even if you have already purchased previous editions it is still vital to get your hands on this latest edition as Jeffries has worked strenuously to incorporate more modern methods and tried hard to prove that there are a number of new ways to seduce a woman. This new material has always presented realistic substance for its students so you’d be able to use these techniques right away.

Another clear difference is the teaching structure – this is massive for the reason that Speed Seduction was never presented like this previously. Jeffries uses a number of techniques to engage different types of students, to those revising their already functioning techniques or the newbies who are yet to grasp the wacky ideas provided by the program. And my God are some of them wacky!

The most popular feature is The Four Vibes segment which focuses on four different vibes a man can read from a woman which is a huge ingredient in the overall effectiveness of the teaching of Speed Seduction. It also gives you a way of looking at seduction from an overall standpoint.

Jeffries takes no prisoners in terms of drumming in his methods into your head. In the Pathway section he discusses what he has been through during the duration of the DVD and once all the components are laid out, he takes us through the ABC of using Speed Seduction in practice. So go get a copy and really learn ‘how to’ seduce the girl of your dreams.