Ross Jeffries - Speed Seduction Power Pack

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Subject Area: Seduction, Hypnosis & Neuro-linguistic programming.

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Rating: 9/10

The Godfather of seduction delivers another excellent product in the world of pick up artistry. With effective NLP conversation techniques, the reader will learn how to attract, hypnotise and seduce attractive women.

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You can’t have been studying pickup and seduction techniques long without coming across the name Ross Jeffries. And you don’t know Mr Jeffries until you’ve seen his Speed Seduction Power Pack.

Jeffries is the pioneer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (sounds complicated, I know) in the world of seduction and is the go-to-guy when it comes to getting the right mind-set when trying to seduce the girl you’ve been dating.

In this power pack, he will teach you to be the Pied Piper of the love game and literally get women eating out of the palm of your hands. This may sound a little ludicrous to you but so many others felt this way before familiarizing themselves with Jeffries’ work.

If you’re after hardcore evidence that Ross Jeffries knows what he is talking about, he was previously mentioned as being the mentor to one of the most famous pickup artists Neil Strauss and at one time to fellow dating coach David DeAngelo! He taught them both how to use NLP to seduce and attract women – and look at those 2 now! So if he taught 2 of the most famous PUAs in the world to be experts, what makes you any different?

This brilliant course teaches you all about allowing the woman to experience feelings and emotions inside while letting her make her own mind up without overdoing the pursuing. He does this with the help of a series of stories of linguistic patterns. The main purpose is to make the women feel connected to the seducer in both a physical and sexual state.

Jeffries stresses that it doesn’t matter what you look like, you will be able to make any women feel special and eventually arouse them. This starts the process off and according to the man himself; there isn’t much to do afterwards as the rest of the seduction process will occur naturally.

What separates Speed Seduction from other courses of its kind is that it focuses on Hypnosis in a way that is very casual and conversational. The primary goal of the program is to get you to talk to women in a comfortable natural way, but also be able to converse in a certain manner that produces positive responses from any women. This is exactly how Speed Seduction works. There’s no need to be spending a lot of money, or being the best-looking or having the fanciest cars.

Speed Seduction makes it clear that the hard work is getting through to the woman mentally and seducing her from that position by charming her awareness in a level that she has seldom experienced.

Many people who are new to the seduction game are initially taken aback by the material provided by Jeffries as he discusses areas which were traditionally considered taboo. But Speed Seduction has been successful as it focuses on other aspects of seduction and dating that often go unnoticed.

Nonetheless, it is vital to grasp a thorough understanding of the concepts involved in NLP particularly in terms of seduction. So go get your copy now and we promise, you’ll never look back!